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From Rep. Ashley Hinson’s newsletter:

A bill I filed passed the house chamber today! 96-0. It provides a limited shield to employers who want to take a chance and hire someone who might have a criminal background. This is a bill about second chances!

This Bill is Simple– it is aimed at improving employment options for Iowans with a record. A stable job can be the most impactful method of stopping the cycle of recidivism and crime. Regrettably, a criminal record can sometimes serve as a barrier to employment, even when unrelated to the job duties or when incurred long ago. In my research on this bill, I found Iowa’s employers stand ready to hire those with a minor criminal record, and the state can improve employment rates in this population by using a limited liability shield as proposed in this bill.

This is second chance legislation which provides employers a limited liability shield should they decide to hire a person with a minor criminal record. This legislation in no way prevents employers who are required to conduct a criminal background check from doing so, nor does it create a duty for other employers to conduct criminal background checks.

Here is an analysis.