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Rep. Steve Holt (R-Denison) shared his thoughts on how President Donald Trump has handled the Coronavirus pandemic on The Iowa Standard’s Eye on Iowa podcast. He said the media has been “absolutely nonsensical” in its coverage.

On one hand, Holt said, the media accused Trump of being racist for putting in place a travel ban from China. Now, weeks later, the media is saying Trump didn’t do enough.

He compared what President Barack Obama did when he waited to declare a national emergency in the H1N1 situation. By the time he declared that emergency, 1,000 Americans had died.

“After he declared emergency he went off that day and played golf,” Holt said. “So I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the media narrative is blatantly unfair and people need to see that.”

Holt credited Trump for declaring the travel ban early on, declaring a national emergency early on, bringing the private sector and involving businesses to answer the emergency.

“I think he has done an absolutely stellar job,” Holt said.

He also defended Trump’s early positive comments about the virus.

“I see that as nothing more than a president trying to be positive and motivate his citizens,” Holt said. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Just like when he talked about the one malaria drug that he thought had promise and the media attacked him for they said giving false hope. That was nonsense. That’s now proving out, in fact, to be true, that in fact a lot of people are receiving great benefit from using hydroxychloroquine, so the President’s turning out to be right there.

“I think this is just nothing more than the media and the far left and Democrats seeing this as an opportunity to try to destroy our President and win the next election. It’s false and I hope people see through it.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall