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In a series of videos just brought to light, various school administrators in Iowa talk about how they are ignoring the language I floor-managed into law that prevents the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is little more than Marxist ideology intended to divide this nation in a way in which we can never recover. This is not about teaching the mistakes of our past, but rather about scapegoating based on race, disregarding character, and advancing the ideology of victimhood.
The concept of E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one), which was once our national motto and is essential for such a diverse nation as ours, will be utterly destroyed by the poisonous concepts of Critical Race Theory.
A few observations as I and my staff investigate this:
1) It is not true that there is no enforcement behind this law. That authority is vested elsewhere in code. The Board of Education has all the authority they need to investigate and take action when schools violate the law. The problem is, they refuse to do so. That needs to change, which is why we passed legislation to reform the Board of Educational Examiners. In light of this latest information, that will clearly not be nearly enough. Either they follow the law, or I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Director and others are replaced and that the system is totally overhauled to ensure that the law and the will of the people are enforced.
2) These latest videos also appear to confirm what some of us have said all along. Many in the education establishment claimed that they were not teaching critical race theory, but these videos clearly show otherwise; in fact they call this effort “the movement.“ It is in fact a movement, a movement to ignore the will of the people and to indoctrinate our children. It is a movement to abandon the principle of judging one another based on character, and instead to judge based on skin color, which could not be a more destructive formula to tear our country apart. This is as anti-American as it gets and it must and will be stopped in Iowa.
3) Any administrator in these videos that is confirmed to have spoken about how they will violate state law should have their credentials and licensing suspended/canceled immediately and forever. They should never again be allowed to be involved in the education of our children, because they are not educating, they are indoctrinating, and are violating the law.
4) Several of these educators stated that the legislature cannot stop them from advancing “the movement,“ that is teaching critical race theory in our schools. These individuals are in fact saying that they are ignoring the will of the people as is reflected in the legislation passed by their elected representatives, to stop the teaching of Critical Race Theory. They state we cannot do anything about it. This sounds like a call to battle. Very well.
Message received. To those who bragged about teaching Critical Race Theory and that the legislature can do nothing about it, be careful what you wish for.
The battle is joined. The will of the people will prevail.
To those in “the movement,” expect to hear from me, and others, real soon.

Author: Steven Holt


  1. Rep. Holt, we need a clean sweep in Iowa schools and libraries of all forms of indoctrination from transgenderism to Marxism (CRT) to Islamic sharia law – everything that has an immoral or anti-American slant. Show us some good faith and put Dean Fisher’s HF 272 into committee and remove Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people, not reprobates and antichrist atheists. We only have God-given rights, not a right to sin against our Creator. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are choices, not rights as our Creator does not grant a right to sin. I’m sure you can see the true implications and agenda of the Left. Indoctrinating innocent children is all these people are about. They are the target. Let’s remove the base those reprobate offenders stand on, the Iowa Civil Rights Code and send the violators to prison for ten years. The rights and protection of innocent children trumps any perceived right that a perverted-minded communist might believe they have. Let’s take this garbage out.
    Semper Fi

  2. Unfortunately too many educators have taken the opinion that because they spend so much time with our children, it is their right to form these young minds to conform with their opinions.
    Public education’s duty is to teach reading, writing, math, FACTS of science, music and athletic skills, etc. PARENTS and parents alone are responsible for their children’s moral standards, health and general welfare.

  3. Never, ever, surrender to the Marxists, let alone negotiate with them. Either they conform their work to our expectations as public servants or hit the road.

    Better yet, just dismantle the education establishment as they’ve proven themselves wholly unsuited for the task. This has been evident for decades with declining results, year after year, in spite of ever more dollars wasted in that sewer pit.


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