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Careful examination of the motives and actions of rioters, looters and anarchists, as opposed to the peaceful protestors, reveals that much of what is happening in our streets has no true connection to a desire for positive change in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

How did we get here:
* Our children are being taught to hate America. They are being taught there’s a racist behind every tree, even though Americans elected Barack Obama twice.

* Pop culture, many of our institutions of higher learning, mainstream media and social media platforms are controlled by those who seek to fundamentally change the nation, and they control the message. The message they advance is that America is bad; that capitalism is evil and socialism is good; that the system is profoundly racist; and that all traditional American values must be abandoned in order to advance the society they envision.

* The principles of good citizenship, American exceptionalism and the importance of sacrifice for the greater good are no longer respected by many in our society. With the decline of faith-based values comes the loss of thinking of others before self, creating an increasingly selfish, spoiled and “me” centered society.

* The welfare state denies dignity and ownership in society, destroys the work ethic, and makes it easy to riot and destroy the work of others.

* The family has always been at the core of our peaceful society and our progress toward a more perfect union. With the breakdown of the family eventually comes the breakdown of society.

* Combine all of these factors with a loss of patriotism and unity of purpose, along with politicians who either agree with the anarchy or are too cowardly to deal with it decisively, and we have a perfect storm assaulting the basic foundations of law & order necessary for a functioning society.

The tragic and inexcusable death of George Floyd, along with pent up frustrations caused by government Coronavirus restrictions, provided the perfect storm to set the anarchy in motion.

In the midst of the storm:
* I will love America. I will respect our flag, our military and our 1st responders. I believe that kneeling during the National Anthem dishonors all of those who have fought and died for this country. I will not watch or support any team or sport that dishonors our flag.

* I will support law enforcement and their right of self-defense. I believe that the overwhelming majority of our brave men and women in blue, made up of all races and creeds, are doing their best to protect and to serve.

* I support using the minimum force necessary to stop anarchists from occupying our streets and cities and senselessly destroying the hard work of others.

* I believe that peaceful protest is constitutionally protected, but that riots and anarchy are unlawful and constitute a growing threat to our society, and each individual’s natural right to life, liberty and property. I believe that rioters are emboldened by government inaction and that leaders at all levels need to stop the anarchy now.

* I believe that all lives matter, including those African Americans who die on the streets of Chicago every day; the disproportionate number of minorities killed by abortion; people of all races; and our brave men and women in law enforcement.

* I will listen to those who truly want positive change in race relations and use of force standards for law enforcement. However, during protests, Black Lives Matter marchers shout “Police are pigs, fry ‘em like bacon,” and advocate defunding police. Leaders of this group need to denounce violence as a tactic. I will not give credence to those who advocate violence against police or other innocent people.

* I refuse to be silenced by the “cancel culture” who seek to destroy all who do not tow the line of their beliefs. I choose to speak what I believe to be the truth and stand up for the right of free speech for all, most importantly for those with whom I disagree.

* I believe that we can have meaningful conversations about positive changes to improve race relations in America, but not at the point of a gun.

* I am reminded of the words of John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

* I believe that patriots of all races and creeds must be prepared to stand in defense of our Constitution and way of life, and demand that our leaders maintain the rule of law.

Author: Steven Holt