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The usual wisdom for those that watch the legislature is that election year sessions tend to be quiet and filled with non-controversial legislation and issues.  While that might have been true in past years, that doesn’t seem to be the case for what lies ahead this year.

Last week, the Governor gave her Condition of the state speech where she outlined a plan to dramatically change funding for conservation programs and mental health.  In short summary, the Governor’s plan is to increase the state’s sales tax while decreasing income taxes.  While we don’t have all the details yet, it’s a significant shift in how the state is funded.

The Governor’s idea is just that, a proposal.  As we in the legislature evaluate not only her idea, but a host of other ideas that come through the House of Representatives this year, I will be evaluating these ideas and proposals with one central question and concern: Does this idea improve life in Iowa for its citizens?  Simple question, but important especially in times of partisanship.  We still need to focused on passing good policy, regardless of politics.

Lastly, as always please free to contact me with your ideas and concerns as the year progresses.

Todd Prichard

Author: Todd Prichard