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Congressman Chip Roy joined Fox News to discuss the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that recently passed in Washington D.C. Roy said there was “no excuse” for the 18 GOP Senators who voted for the “$1.7 trillion monstrosity.”

Roy said $1.7 trillion, 4,100 pages with one day to look at it left no time for the representatives to know what they were voting for.

“Notably, there is actual language in the bill that prohibits the use of the funding for the Border Patrol, for the Homeland Security, to be used by the Border Patrol to secure the border,” Roy said. “Yet you have 18 Republican Senators who go ahead and say, ‘Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and side with Democrats. I’m going to vote for this lousy bill that’s going to hamstring our ability to use the power of the purse to demand that Biden secure the border and deal with that crisis and ignore the fact that they’re actually hamstringing them further.’ But it goes beyond that.”

There are 7,500 earmarks, Roy said. There is $670 million in earmarks for Sen. Richard Shelby as he retires. Shelby is the senior Senate Republican appropriator.

“It’s the fact that you’re giving more money to the tyrants at the FBI,” Roy said. “They get a brand new headquarters. Four hundred million dollars.”

There is more money going to the NIH, which Roy said is “absolutely foolish.” More money is going to the FBI who targeted Big Tech to censor conservatives and others the last few years.

“Why would we do that,” Roy asked. “And the most important question, why would 18 Republican Senators do that and stick it to the House Republican majority after the American people gave us the majority.”

Roy said he’s asked a number of the GOP Senators why they supported it, and they all gave “pretty pathetic” answers. They tell Roy this is the best they were going to get.

“What they actually mean by that is you guys would’ve fought us over the spending levels on the military spending and on Ukraine,” he said. “This was all about Ukraine money and defense spending. Which by the way, I’m all for getting the proper resources to our defense and to our men and women in uniform and having guns and planes and bullets and training to kill people and blow things up. What I’m not for is a social engineering experiment wrapped in a uniform. And what I’m not for is a blank check to Ukraine. And what I’m not for is using that as an excuse to pile on more debt and not do the hard work of forcing a conversation about what we’re spending.

“Those Senators are hiding behind national defense to spend money we don’t have, weaken our border and undermine a Republican majority that wants to try to do it the right way. And there is no excuse for it. Zero. And I’ll debate any one of them anywhere they want to do it.”

Roy said the 18 Republican Senators took away any leverage House Republicans had to force change at the border.


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