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Republican Rep. Sandy Salmon was one of seven House GOP women who filed an amendment Saturday that requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion can be performed.

The amendment was added to Alfie’s Law and passed through the House.

After the vote, Salmon said the amendment was added s intended to satisfy Iowans, who she said want to see unborn babies protected.

“This amendment requires a 24-hour waiting period before a woman has an abortion. Iowans want to see unborn lives protected. This bill is a big step in that direction. Twenty-seven tates have a waiting period and 17 of them are 24-hour. In the 1992 landmark abortion case, Planned Parenthood vs. Casey the U.S. Supreme Court upheld as constitutional a 24-hour waiting period and said that it was not an undue burden on a woman seeking an abortion. A waiting period helps ensure decisions are not made under duress or with undue influences. It is hoped that after taking time to consider the risks and her options, more women will choose life over death. Iowans prefer life over death.”