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State Rep. Sandy Salmon is seeking a seat in the opposite chamber this November. Salmon is running for Iowa Senate District 29. She is running against Democrat Jenn Wolff.

Here is Senate District 29:

  1. At what point of pregnancy should abortion no longer be an option? Unborn babies should be protected from the moment of conception, except for the physical health of the mother. Meaningful legislation that gets us closer to that goal should be adopted.
  2. Do you support allowing eminent domain to be used for a private, for-profit project?  Eminent domain can be considered for projects that have a “public use” as the Constitution and state law require, not for private gain or economic development.
  3. Do you support Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families? Yes, the state has an interest in each child having the education that best fits that child, which can best be determined by that child’s family.
  4. Do you support legislation removing sexually explicit, pornographic materials from school libraries? Yes, I sponsored such legislation and believe pornographic material harms children mentally, socially, emotionally, morally, and spiritually and in addition, it can spawn an addiction because of the physical changes it causes in a child’s brain.
  5. Do you support a bill requiring schools to communicate “preferred pronouns” of students to the their parents? Yes, however, the schools should not be using any pronouns different than that corresponding to the child’s biological sex.
  6. Would you support removing gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights Code? Yes, I co-sponsored such legislation and believe it would allow governments, schools, and businesses to better support children by not being forced to affirm children in transitioning to a different sex than what they were created to be. Transitioning to a different sex creates a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and social problems for a child.
  7. Would you support a bill banning “gender-affirming treatment” of minors in Iowa? Yes, I sponsored such legislation as sex change treatments have been shown to have damaging effects on children physically, mentally, and emotionally, to include likely permanent sterilization.
  8. Would you support a bill allowing one legislative candidate to donate some of their campaign funds to another legislative candidate directly, which was outlawed in the 1990s?  Yes, that is a good idea.
  9. Do you support reforming the Governor’s Emergency Powers in Iowa? Yes, I sponsored such legislation as I believe the people’s representatives, the legislature, should share more in the burden of governing during a disaster emergency. I think the right balance can be struck so the governor can make quick day-to-day decisions that are often required in this kind of situation. In addition, there should be more protections spelled out for the rights and freedoms of people during this kind of situation and our disaster emergency law is silent on that.
  10. Do you support reforming and/or repealing Iowa’s “Certificate of Need” laws?  I am concerned here about the viability of our rural hospitals when repealing certificate of need laws is discussed. I would like to see what has occurred in other states that have done this.
  11. Do you support a Religious Freedom & Restoration Act for Iowans? Yes, I sponsored such legislation over the years and believe it is the least we can do. People should be free to live and work according to their religious beliefs without fear of punishment by the government.
  12. Do you support efforts to stop Big Tech censorship in Iowa?  Yes, I sponsored such legislation and believe that even though Big Tech companies are private companies, they “sell” their services to the public as a forum where freedom of speech is protected and a wide variety of viewpoints can be discussed. Therefore they should be required to live up to their “contract” with the public.
  13. In Iowa, the penalty is the same for kidnapping and raping a minor as it is for kidnapping, raping and murdering a minor. Would you support a bill allowing for the death penalty in cases where a minor is kidnapped, raped and murdered? Yes
  14. Do you support mandatory E-Verify for Iowa businesses?  Yes, however we must realize because the federal government has been lax over so many years to enforce our immigration laws, we have an agricultural industry and manufacturing industries that in many cases rely on illegals for their workers. So such a policy must be accompanied by legislation that gets more citizens back to work. In addition, if illegals prove to be good contributing, taxpaying members of society, because we have allowed them to be here so long and not enforced the law, there should be a way these people can become citizens. If they do not contribute to society but drain tax resources and do not pay taxes, or even worse commit crimes, they should be deported. 
  15. Do you support legislation prohibiting an employer from asking an employee for his or her COVID vaccination status?  Yes, this is a personal health care decision that must be respected by the employer.
  16. Do you support legislation prohibiting discrimination based on COVID vaccination status?  Yes, COVID vaccinations have not been shown to prevent infection or transmission and so discrimination serves no public health purpose and should not be allowed.
  17. Should minors be allowed to attend drag shows?  Are you kidding me??? See answer to #4.
  18. Do you support allowing the sale of raw milk? Yes, I believe so but would like to know more about this.
  19. Would you support getting rid of no-excuse absentee voting? Yes, I think absentee voting should only be allowed for students away at college, military or overseas, workers away from home, or those with hospitalization, illness, or physical disability.

To learn more about Salmon’s candidacy for the State Senate, visit the following links:




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