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The Iowa Standard sent three questions to each legislator regarding the incidents at the Pella, Jefferson and Sioux Center swimming pools and gender identity. This is Republican Rep. Henry Stone’s response:

1. What are your thoughts on this situation involving the Pella Aquatic Center?


The situation in Pella is very confusing. It’s difficult to empathize, I wonder why a young person would want to attract so much awkward attention to themselves. I’m curious on all the surrounding details on this person and their life and what their friends and family are like. Had they done this before or in other settings? I imagine they had to know how this would stir controversy. The transgender community uses the word ‘passing’ to describe the extent to which a person can reasonably be perceived within their desired gender expression, that’s difficult when it comes to swim attire.

2. Should individuals, minors included, be allowed to wear swimwear based on their gender identity rather than body parts?

I think it’s important that everyone develop a healthy sense of modesty. In public settings, I believe it’s important to adopt standard, conservative guidelines for dress and behavior. It’s upsetting how the human body is over-sexualized and degraded by perverse intentions. One of the problems I’m concerned about is old men being perverts. Sometimes I think young women can be naive to just how nasty some people can be.

3. Do you support removing sexual orientation and gender identity from the Iowa Civil Rights code?

The Iowa legislature definitely needs to discuss our civil rights laws and get clear on how they apply and why. This situation pits the civil rights of protected classes against one another. Trans rights must not come at the expense of everyone else. So I cannot say I support removal at this point but I definitely support the committee process addressing the issue and ascertaining the pertinent facts. I’m disappointed this hasn’t happened yet because authors like Abigail Shrier have already done a lot of the work for us. I don’t think it should be legal to fire someone for being transgender but I don’t think drag shows for children should be legal either. More urgently than civil rights, to protect the innocence of our children, and most especially the youth who are afflicted or susceptible to the tragedy of gender dysphoria, the legislature needs to identify and address the standards of care and treatment relevant to gender dysphoric youth. I don’t believe informed consent of medicine is taking place in that area and I don’t think people are truly getting the help they need. Mental health diagnoses among children are skyrocketing. I can’t think of a worse hell than being dependent on any drugs or hormones to feel happy. We must treat and cure mental and emotional afflictions, not put people on pills for life. True happiness is rooted in spirit. In general, I’m against the medicalization of people.


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