REP. SHIPLEY: Protecting children from Democrats purporting to be doctors

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The crisis of identity is perhaps the defining issue of our generation. It’s incumbent on everyone to assist in the formation of personal identities that provide for the fullest and most beautiful human expression, creating lifetimes of joyful prosperity for every Iowan.

The passage of SF 538, restricting puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries for minors, is necessary because doctors overseeing these procedures, and Democrats purporting to be doctors, make repeated claims and statements that do not match the WPATH clinical guidelines.

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The WPATH guidelines are itself a subject of immense international controversy, so the fact that Democrats can’t even stick to them in their advocacy demonstrates an appalling level of medical malpractice.

For instance, Rep. Baeth (D-Polk), in his remarks opposes the bill because of “the preponderance of the evidence” and the sufficiency of the “guidelines that are in place.”

Rep. Baeth then claims that the occurrence of gender-detransition (i.e. a child or adult who ceases or regrets medical gender affirmation) would be ~1 to 1,000.

This is a gigantic problem because in the WPATH guidelines of best clinical practices, they cite research which indicates a drastically higher rate than what Rep. Baeth enthusiastically asserts.

The WPATH guidelines cite various reported rates of detransition in medically affirmed transgender adolescents ranging from 1.9% to 14%.

WPATH guidelines further state:

“At present, no clinical cohort studies have reported on profiles of adolescents who regret their initial decision or detransition after irreversible affirming treatment”

So according to the WPATH guidelines, the supposed ironclad “scientifically proven” standards of clinical practice of transgender health…

Rep. Baeth UNDERSTATED THE RISK of an adverse outcome by a factor ranging of at least 19x to 140x

Would you want your child visiting a physician who recommends a treatment where the risk is actually DOUBLE compared to what is told to the patient and their parents?

Should a physician who understates the risk of treatment by DOUBLE even be licensed to practice?

Now what if a doctor understates the risk by a factor of not double, not triple, not quadruple, but by a factor of ONE HUNDRED FORTY!!

That’s medically appalling… but sadly it’s not a hypothetical — it’s the institutionalization of medical malpractice eagerly and dramatically demanded by Democrats purporting to be doctors.

There’s so much more to this discussion. It’s imperative for the State of Iowa to have a real in-depth discussion on the formation of truthful, healthy and genuine identity for every child and their parents. I look forward to having these conversations across Iowa in the weeks and months ahead.

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Author: Jeff Shipley


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