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The United States has a lot of problems, and it will take bold leadership to get us back to even.  The nation is dealing with higher crime, higher inflation, and supply chain issues that is affecting everyone.  Instead of concentrating on issues that don’t matter to the average Iowan, leaders at the national level need to look at these issues that will make the life of average Iowans better.

Some, who are in charge, seem to want to deal with social issues, that while important are not going to make the average persons life better.  Issues that dominate the woke agenda seem to dominate those who are in power on the federal side of things.  What do Americans and Iowans really feel are the issues that should be concentrated on?


Crime is high in the U.S., but it is especially high in cities like New York, Chicago, and Portland and other Democrat controlled cities.  These cities have always had a higher-than-average crime rate, but it seems that they are reaching a new high. Recently citizens of a California city have spoke out against a District Attorney who wasn’t enforcing the laws on the books, and they recalled that person.  I believe that people are reaching the limit on what they are willing to put up with.  Law enforcement is doing a great job but when those in charge of taking cases to court refuse to do so, it is frustrating for them.

Higher inflation is hitting us all and it hurts.  Recently we found that inflation has already cost the average American worker 3,400 dollars.  The everyday person who must deal with that inflation is hardest hit and the one who suffers the most.  Instead of spending money we don’t have, the federal government needs to start cutting spending.

Supply chain issues affect all Iowans as well.  Whether the issue is baby formula or a new car and everything in between we are experiencing supply chain issues that I have never experienced in my 56 years.  Could some supply chain issues be the results of COVID and employee shortages?  Certainly, but we can’t blame it all on those things.

So, my point in stating these issues above is simple.  It will take bold leadership to solve these issues.  It will take leadership that the current administration and party in power has been unwilling to use.  In fact, I will say that my own party can be guilty of being non-reactive on things and I believe that they need to be bolder in their leadership.

Here in Iowa, we have that bold leadership where we do what we say we will do along with a bold agenda.  A good example is over years Iowa House Republicans operated in a fiscally sound manner to reach a point where we then were able to cut taxes for all Iowans.  We said what we were going to do, and it was bold and then we did what we said we were going to do in a bold way.

What does bold leadership look like regarding crime, high inflation, and supply chain issues?  Well, we need our government to put people in jail if they break the law, we need our government to stop spending all this money that they don’t have, and we need our government to reduce regulations and allow our business to flourish again.  The question is will they take the bold leadership necessary to do those things.

Author: Jacob Hall

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