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On January 6, 2021, some say there was an insurrection at the State Capitol.  I responded on January 7, 2021 and said it was a terrible situation with many criminals who should be prosecuted, and I condemned the action saying those responsible should be fully punished within the law.  We must be a nation of the rule of law.  Many people said that Republicans did not condemn the January 6 riots enough and, while I am not sure what enough would be, you are free to read my condemnation anytime and decide if I condemned it enough.

Today, we have a different branch of our government that is threatened by an equally disturbing act, in my opinion.  A draft opinion of the Supreme Court, the law of the land, was leaked to the press on May 2, 2022.  That leak is an unprecedented leak of a draft opinion, with the sole goal of pressuring one or more of the Justices to switch their vote.  Justices’ lives have now been threatened by many.  A final decision is not “made” until the official opinion has been released with Justices occasionally changing their minds or switching opinions.


The content of the draft decision shouldn’t matter but the opinion is regarding the Roe V Wade decision and the fact that a person or people leaked the draft opinion is just as much a concern as the riots on January 6.  It is an attempt to thwart the judicial system in the United States.  To be honest, I have heard many Republicans condemn the leak, but I have heard nobody on the other side of the aisle condemn the leak.

In my time as a public figure and a legislator, I have tried to be consistent in my views and honest with people regardless the consequences.  As I stated above, I condemned the riots on January 6, 2021, and called for those who did that to be punished.  That was the right thing to do.  Today, I condemn the leaking of this Supreme Court draft decision as something that is tearing at the fiber of our country and call for those responsible to be fully punished under the law.

Recently, I read that President Biden’s response to the leak was simply that Roe V Wade should not be overturned, and he believes strongly in a woman’s right to choose.  So, the leader of the Democrat Party is not condemning the leak but rather the draft decision.  As a constitutionalist, I cannot fathom how the President of the United States could possibly not condemn the action against a separate but equal branch of the government.  What if the leak had been a Watergate type of leak against the Executive Branch of the government?

The assault on the supreme court on May 2, 2022, was no less an assault than the one on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, it was just a different form of assault.  The potential harm to our country is the same.  In 2021 those in power in Washington D.C. put up fence and enforced regulation, making the viewing of our Republic in action nearly impossible.  My guess is that the Supreme Court will enact similar regulations after this leak.

One must take the reason for the assault on our Republic out of the equation and understand that there is no reason to try and thwart the system that has been working fine for hundreds of years.  Those who say the action is justified because the Supreme Court made its decision nearly 50 years ago and so its settled law must have never heard of the Dred Scott, Pace, Korematsu, Plessy, and other cases that were all overturned in future Supreme Courts because the previous Court “got it wrong”.

Author: John Wills

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