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A few weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter titled “Teaching or Agenda” and in that letter, I wrote that our best teachers, teach without their kids knowing much about their personal lives.  I used the example of Mr. Rowland Schmidt as being someone who teaches about government, and yet his students don’t know where he sits on the pollical spectrum.

In that article I used the examples that we don’t need to tell our kids who you sleep with or what you do for fun, to give them an excellent teaching experience.  I had many great examples of this in my public-school experience at Sibley Community Schools and I would say many people in NW Iowa have had the same experience.


You can know an agenda versus teaching simply by asking the question “do my kids need to know this in order to learn”.  If the answer is no, then it is an agenda if you pursue it.  Do kids need to know who you sleep with or who you prefer as a bedroom partner?  No, and if you believe that they do, then you have an agenda.  Do kids need to know you prefer gin over whiskey?  The answer is no and if you feel they do, then you have an agenda.  Do kids need to know you are a Democrat versus a Republican, and again the answer is no and if you feel they do, then you have an agenda.

Yesterday on April 20, I was notified by several people of an undercover video that was conducted with 5 or 6 Iowa School Administrators, around Des Moines.  These administrators, mostly diversity administrators, all openly talked about how they were flaunting Iowa law.  They specifically talked about how they could “change a few words” or make a “tweak here or there” and continue to teach things such as Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and others which directly violates State Law.
When asked if they were afraid of getting caught, they said, there were no penalties associated with the law, so even if we are caught what does it matter.  I was trying to be diplomatic in my message from a few weeks ago when I asked if certain things were teaching or an agenda.

Today, I will make a blatant statement that has no room for misinterpretation.  These people are breaking Iowa law as they brag about how they are continuing to teach these things and it is obvious that they have an agenda.  They are not teaching but they are indoctrinating.  If you have any question as to what I am talking about, here is the link to the video:  Iowa Administrators Brag About Skirting CRT Laws “Politicians Really Can’t Stop It” – YouTube  It is just under 11 minutes but well worth the time to at least watch the first few minutes.

This kind of indoctrination is part of what is driving 64% of Americans in a recent Seltzer Poll to believe that public education is moving in the wrong direction with only 24% of the respondents thinking that K-12 education in America is moving in the right direction.  In short, these people and their agenda are ruining public education in Iowa.

I for one am tired of this constant need from some to push their agenda and thought process, no matter what that agenda is, on others.  Our kids don’t deserve or need people to tell them what to think they need teachers who encourage them to think.  The teaching of values is up to the parent and that is where it needs to stop.

Author: John Wills

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  1. I am steaming mad. #1 All laws should have a consequence, what the heck are our legislators doing? #2 What do we expect when the education system is run by the FEDERAL Government. The States need to take it back. BUT then, even with a Republican majority, they can’t get CRAP done. The Republican Caucus should be ASHAMED! This is NOT what we voted for and as the RINOs have proved in the past, they will lose the majority then whine about it.


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