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Last week I wrote a message saying that conservative principles work, and I offered examples of how and what has been working to make Iowa one of the best states in the nation.  I didn’t offer examples of the things that do not work on the other side of the aisle because I didn’t really feel like it was pertinent.
This week, the Senate passed a bill they call the Inflation Reduction Act, even though not one of the official non-partisan organizations of our government says that it will help one bit with inflation.  Instead, they are saying the exact opposite that it won’t do a thing to fight inflation and possibly will make it worse.  In addition, a raid on former President Trump’s home by gun toting FBI agents sends a chill through my very bones.

Let’s deal with the Inflationary Act first.  I don’t think it will touch inflation but will more than likely increase the 8.5 percent inflation we currently have.  The Act raises corporate tax to a universal 15%.  This is a tax increase on every American who buys products and services from these corporations because there isn’t a doubt in my mind the corporations will simply pass that increase in expense on to the customer.  So, it sounds good to tax corporations, but the tax is really a pass through to the customer.


Next there is an increase in taxes on gasoline and oil, as if our gas wasn’t expensive enough, there will be 16 cents added to each barrel of oil.  Again, the oil companies will not absorb that cost and so each of us, as we buy gas, oil, ride the transit, or even just buy our food will be paying for this added expense.

The Act will allow the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents nearly doubling the number of IRS Agents.  To put it in perspective there are only 27,500 border control agents on our Southern border and there will be over 160,000 IRS agents who will be coming after you, the tax payer.  The administration has made the pledge that it will not raise taxes on those making less than $400,000 dollars.  There are 2.4 million families who earn more than 400,000 that means if the government really wants only those who make more than 400,000 dollars to pay there will be one new IRS Agent for each 27 families in that category.  If you believe that those 87,000 agents will only deal with those making 400,000 dollars, I have a bridge to sell you.

Finally, the raid on President Trumps home should send chills through every American as there seems to be a tremendous double standard in our federal law enforcement.  On one hand Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails that she was ordered to not delete and has been implicated in the Russian Collusion hoax, and Hunter Biden has what appears to be serious allegations against him and nothing seems to be in the works for either of them. On the other hand, Roger Stone had an early morning raid for lying to an FBI agent and I could go on and on about the seeming inconsistency in how the FBI has done its job.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG, if Donald Trump has done something wrong, which I would think we would have heard about in nearly 6 years of investigation then he should be fully prosecuted.  What I am offering is an example of what appears to be the Swamp at work and fully operating as it does.  In the end we need to bring our principles back into line with how the country was founded so that we align more with what made this country great and what I talked about above do not do that, one bit.

Author: John Wills

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