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If you are like me the discussions happening in Washington D.C. are a bit ludicrous, but I especially feel the 2 trillion-dollar relief package making its way through Congress right now is out of this world.  It would be one thing if we had 1.9 Trillion dollars but in the last year, the federal government has spent nearly 5 Trillion dollars of money that it does not have. While the federal government spending money it does not have is nothing new, this is an excessive expense.

Being a constitutional conservative and a fiscal conservative, it bewilders me that the federal government is spending so much money.  The consequences of that spending are almost too great for me to comprehend. In the short-term, yes this will spur the economy, but the bailouts of state and local governments who have been bad actors, money for other countries, and money to union enterprises have nothing to do with COVID.

In the end, if there is a need for a bailout, then why not do a very targeted bailout that only helps those who need to be bailed out.  In my opinion, the service industry, industries that cater to in-person sales, and amusement have been devastated by our government.  I don’t want to say they are the only type of business to be devastated because many have been, and I hate to deal in generalities.  The truth of the matter is the 1.9 trillion dollars is just pandering to voting blocks.

If we had real leadership in Washington D.C. we would have targeted and directed payments to those who have been harmed by the virus.  The problem is we don’t have real leadership in D.C.  What we have is what Donald Trump called the swamp.  This swamp is made up of politicians who aren’t willing to give up power, bureaucrats who have become entrenched, and lobbyists who aren’t effective at doing their job.

Before I start getting the retorts from so many to say, “Yeah the Democrats do this or the Republicans do this”, as a Republican, I have been very careful about not mentioning party affiliation in my remarks thus far because the D.C. Swamp doesn’t have party affiliations.  Those who reside in that swamp are of both parties and ideologies.  These swamp monsters have sold their country out for personal gain and to stay in power if I am being honest.

Those who are practicing swampology, as I call it, have one care in their life and it certainly is not the American people; it isn’t leadership, for sure.  Now, I know some folks who have recently gone to D.C., and they are certainly not swamp dwellers and only time will tell if they can make a difference.

I think you can tell from this letter that I am one frustrated State Legislator.  As someone who takes my job seriously and believe that in Iowa, we do things the right way, to see this swamp run out of control and spend 1.9 trillion dollars of money that you and I will never pay back but our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will pay for, makes me angry.

I usually try to be upbeat and give you a good vibe with my newsletters because, mostly, things are going great and God is good to us.  Please forgive this “downer” message today, but I want you to know that things are not all lost.  We live in the greatest country and the greatest State in the history of the world and together we can drain the swamp and right the ship, so to speak of the United States.  I am so appreciative of your granting me the honor of representing you in Des Moines and I am so grateful to my peers for electing me to be the Speaker Pro Tem, where I have a greater influence in the happenings in Des Moines.  Thank you and stay warm and safe.

Author: John Wills