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The framers of our great country wouldn’t recognize the country they founded today.  Federal overreach is invading every area of our lives, and we, the people, no longer control our own government.  Did I catch your attention?  I hope so because I bet nearly every one of you feels the same way; our federal government doesn’t listen to us.  Let me tell you; the federal government was always meant to work for us, the people, not the other way around.

The States are supposed to be the ultimate check on federal authority. The founders gave the states a tool called the Article V Convention of States that can be used to limit federal power, cap federal spending, and limit the terms of office for federal officials.  These limits should be precise in how they will change our current situation in D.C. An Article V Convention of States is an avenue to gather the States together and then debate Amendments to our U.S. Constitution.


How does a Convention of States happen?  First, 34 of the 50 states must apply for a Convention.  Currently, 17 states have applied for a convention. Wisconsin and Nebraska are the most recent states, and South Dakota has passed the application in its House Chamber. When 34 states have made applications for a convention, then Congress must hold a Convention.

At the Convention, delegates from the States will form potential amendments to the U.S. Constitution such as a balanced budget amendment, term limits for bureaucrats, term limits for Supreme Court Justices, and methods to restrain the federal government back to its original intent. Examples of this include reducing its involvement in education, commerce, and other things.

I have been told this is a radical idea, and my response is yes, it is, but what other option do we have?

I am 55 years old, and in my time on this Earth, I can’t remember a time when people were not dissatisfied with the Federal Government. It has gotten to a point where I don’t know if we can reverse course at this point without taking radical steps.  Plus, the federal government, and I mean the cesspool of Washington D.C., not our federal elected officials, is acting the role of a tyrant.  Having traveled around the world, I have met a tyrant or two, and not a single time has any tyrant volunteered to give up the power they have stolen from the people.

To prove my point, everyone is upset with the Democrat’s spending in D.C. right now.  And they have spent like drunken sailors.  But we forget that our Republican colleagues said they wouldn’t spend in that manner, and they did.  Not one of them is willing to stop the spigot of spending that will destroy our nation.  They will not give up that power they took.

Once the amendments from the Convention are presented to the American people, then 38 states must vote on those amendments to make amendments to our constitution.  In other words, if 13 states choose not to adopt an amendment, then that amendment does not become part of the constitution.  Some say that a Convention would be run away or the rules for the Convention would be wide open.

There have been over 40 court cases involving other state conventions, and the rules for the conventions of the future are already laid out by “common law” from those conventions.  Those rules say that each state only gets one vote while they can assign as many delegates as they want.  Forty precedent cases help us know what the conventions of the future will look like.

If we don’t do something now, when?  If not us, who?  We can save our country and take back our government, but it is up to us.  We must use the tools that our nation’s founders gave us to stop federal overreach before our country is ruined beyond repair.

Author: John Wills

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  1. If a convention of the states could avoid a Leftist takeover and the amendments proposed were adopted, who would interpret our new constitution? Would a COS rewritten constitution nullify Marbury v. Madison and take interpretation out of the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court? Would a COS nullify each unconstitutional SCOTUS decision? Would it apply Article III Sec. 2 stripping to the errant SCOTUS precedents? Nullify Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, Kelo v. City of New London………..etc? When our Constitution is utterly and specifically clear and SCOTUS effectively amends the Constitution at will, would COS include an amendment, “and we really mean it this time?” Would the will of the 2022 American people write a better constitution than the will of our Framers? Just a few questions. Steve King

  2. I completely agree. We need to amend the commerce clause by adding clarification. For example the Federal Government shouldn’t have the ability to regulate marijuana that doesn’t cross borders. This isn’t advocacy for marijuana but it goes to show rights not enumerated that should be left to the States & people have been easily circumvented this way for decades. If the 2nd amendment wasn’t enumerated that would already be gone by now. We need to reel that overstepping clause back in. As well as strengthen the 9th amendment.

    The judicial branch now just regulates personal liberties instead of holding legislators to a proper conception of their power. The judicial branch won’t hear claims of restrictions on Liberty. Presumption of constitutionality isn’t even heard anymore for the most part. The 9th amendment may as well be gone at this point.

    Term limits on staff too. The same staffers stay on Capitol Hill year after year.

  3. If Congress had the political will to do so impeachment and notification would get the job done. But for political expediency it has been ignored for decades. Look back in history, 3 Supreme Court justices of the United States were impeached. In 2010 the state of Utah notified the affordable care act. It can still be done and very quickly. You do not have to call the convention of the states. Congress has allowed the courts to operate outside of constitutional constraints. The people are kept in the dark by the corrupt press and the incompetent schools. Convention of states just moves the responsibility from the desk of Congress to a faceless convention.


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