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Zach Dieken is one of three Republicans running for the GOP nomination in Iowa House District 5. Here are his answers to our legislative survey:


  1. Describe your worldview and how that will influence you as a legislator:

My worldview is the Biblical Christian worldview. Specifically that entails seeing everything through the lens of God’s law-word. Nothing can be interpreted outside, or apart from, the biblical worldview because it is God’s holy standard which is the standard for all other things. Therefore, being a legislator who cares about goodness, justice, and the bettering of our nation is something that can only be justified through the Christian worldview as is revealed in God’s word.

  1. In your opinion, what are the three most pressing issues the legislature should address:

ABORTION – the blood of slaughtered children runs through the streets of our nation. We will be judged for it

Education – We must understand there is no such thing as neutrality. The worldview of secular humanism is being pushed on our children. Parents should be given control over how their children are being educated. I would be pro the tax dollar following the student or full school choice.

Medical freedom – the last two years will happen again. No one should be forced out of their employment because they refuse a specific type of “medical treatment.” The government doesn’t have the power or authority to force any type of medical care on anyone.

  1. Feel free to explain your ideal tax policy/policies for Iowa (included in this section in order to allow for as much flexibility as possible):

I am for cutting the retirement tax, as well as the inheritance tax. I think this makes it easier for future generation farmers to obtain land and it keeps people in Iowa. I agree with a flat tax, mainly because it would simplify the tax code. Sometimes our ‘tax people” have a hard time sorting through all the tax code mess. I would be for eventually getting rid of the income tax altogether, but recognize this should be phased in to allow the state to adjust its economy/budget to the change. I don’t believe it’s a one size fits all reform. Some Midwest states also have eliminated the income tax, but they are different than Iowa as well. Lastly, I believe lowering taxes keeps the government spending in check. Everyone wants a balanced budget, but the government could just tax us all into oblivion in order to do that. Keep taxes low in order to keep government spending in check.

  1. Have you or will you sign The Big Family Pledge: Yes.


  1. Do you believe the government should force consumers to buy a product:

Absolutely not.

  1. Do you believe the government should force retailers to sell a product:

Absolutely not. It’s the “small business owner’s” job to make their product desirable or useful.

  1. Do you support reforming or eliminating Iowa’s Certificate of Need laws:

Yes, drastically reforming it, most likely eliminating it.

  1. Do you support periodic reviews of all government licenses and boards to ensure they’re necessary:



  1. Do you support the Protect Life Amendment to the Iowa Constitution:


  1. When do you believe life begins and at what stage does it deserve protections under the law:

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made….”(Psalm 149) Life begins at conception. Equal protection for all children from that moment on.


  1. Would you support universal Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families:

Yes. This would give parents the chance to use their money for their child’s education. I also believe the account would be a way to keep that money accountable for being used only for education purposes.

  1. Do you believe obscene materials and pornographic materials belong in public school libraries:

Absolutely not.

  1. In what grade should schools begin providing instruction to students on sexual orientation and gender identity:

As far as the instruction of orientation or identity… it should never be taught in schools. This is the parent’s job to gauge when it is appropriate for their child to be taught these things. It is not the job of the state to teach sexual orientation or gender identity.

  1. Would you support a bathroom bill in Iowa, which states biological males use the boys’ bathroom and biological females use the girls’ bathroom:

It is incredibly sad this must be asked, but YES.


  1. Should gender identity be stripped out of the Iowa Civil Rights code:


  1. Should Iowa make it illegal for minors to undergo sex-change surgery and treatments:

YES. It should also be solidified that in no way shape or form do tax dollars go to paying for this type of surgery either.

  1. Should Iowa schools/teachers ask students for preferred pronouns:


  1. Should Iowa require schools/teachers to share a child’s “preferred pronoun” and/or “gender identity” with the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s):

Yes. Being consistent with it being the parent’s job to be the primary teacher on these subjects. Anything that goes on at school the parents have the right to know about.

  1. Do you support banning conversion therapy (making it illegal for a parent to take a child to a health care professional to talk about confusion as it relates to sexual orientation or gender identity)?

I will always side with the parent knowing what is best for their child. If the parent desires to take their child to therapy they should have the option to do so. Again, parents own their children, not the state.


  1. Do you believe any institution – whether private or governmental – should be able to mandate a vaccination?

No one can force someone else to put a foreign substance in their body or undergo any type of “medical” intervention.

  1. How could the Iowa legislature have handled the COVID pandemic differently?

Define what constitutes an emergency as well as the length of time in which “emergency” proclamations are in effect.

  1. Do you believe Iowa should reform the Governor’s emergency powers?

Yes. The governor has no constitutional authority to close down churches or places of worship. The scope of and the length at which these emergency powers can be used needs to be restricted.


  1. Are there any issues of disagreement you have with the Republican Party of Iowa platform from 2018?

I don’t know if the part platform is as pro-life as they say. Abolition needs to be the party stance. Equal protection from conception, no incremental approaches to stopping the slaughter of the unborn.

  1. What improvements, if any, would you make to Iowa’s voting laws to ensure elections are fair and full of integrity?

I would eco the ideas of others on this one. I think if we could make voting precincts smaller and move to paper ballots that would be helpful.

Iowa House District 5:

More information on Dieken’s candidacy can be found here

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