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Robert Nazario is one of two Republicans seeking the GOP nomination in Iowa House District 54. Here are his responses to The Iowa Standard’s 2022 Legislative Survey for Republican nominees:



Describe your worldview and how that will influence you as a legislator:

I grew up in a Christian household and my earliest memories were going to church four times a week.  I see the world through a Christian worldview.  Pro-Life as our Lord values all life.  Living many years on the west coast of the US, I saw what happens when life is not valued.  Dr. (Death) Kevorkian opened up assisted suicide and started a trend many years ago.  The progressive left wants abortion on demand and allows the procedure until the due date and thereafter.  To me, that is so tragic.  It is a spiritual battle and must be defeated.  We can not let it stand.  Soon I believe Roe v Wade will be overturned and it’ll be a state issue as it always should have been.  It was a wrong decision back in the 70s and it’s wrong today, not constitutionally protected and it has nothing to do with women’s health.
I will continue to see through that perspective as we move our country back to Judeo-Christian Values and rid ourselves of the radical anti-righteousness movement that is based on Marxism and anti-God theology.

In your opinion, what are the three most pressing issues the legislature should address:  

Medical Freedom and Privacy – The right to pursue a manner in which to provide for one’s family without the government’s tyrannical overreach of our medical freedoms. I can agree that a company may need an individual to have a physical prior to a job requiring a certain level of physical fitness; however, no one should ever be forced to undergo an injection or any OTHER medical procedure in order to obtain or keep a job. Each person has an unalienable right to liberty and that includes decisions concerning their own health and the health choices of their children. The tyranny movement that we have seen the last two years should never happen again. Parents must have the ultimate word in the decision of the child. No one should be able to mandate any experiment medical procedures/injection or any medical procedure for children without the expressed consent of the parents.

Property Rights – The right to own property without the government regulating every aspect of our life. If you own it, and paid for it, then no one should be able to take it away for their agendas against your will. Eminent domain should only be used for a public project when there are no other solutions available and after all public hearings and landowner concerns are addressed. The threat of eminent domain must be duly addressed and removed before any negotiation process goes forward. The landowners’ wishes should always be observed and the Iowa code must be amended to make threats or harassment against landowners illegal. All negotiations to acquire property/easements should be in good faith.

School Choice/Parental Rights – I believe our rich American history should be taught at public schools. All public education of our children should be pro-patriotic. If you don’t want your children to say the Pledge of Allegiance, learn about our founding fathers and the history of our great nation, the good and bad of our nation, then I believe you have the right to another option of school choice. I believe that we should be NOT be indoctrinating our children with Critical Race Theory, or LGBTQ theology. Again, I respect one’s rights to believe the way they want, but it is not okay to indoctrinate the children in the school setting. Children should learn reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science and the arts in school. Sexual orientation education should be reserved for parents. I do, however, believe that it is important for students to be offered education on how their bodies are changing prior to puberty. The curriculum should NOT have an agenda that are morally incorrect against traditional Judeo Christian principles and must be sent to parents prior and parents must be given an opportunity to have their children opt out. I completely reject the curriculum that Planned Parenthood is pushing to implement in schools. It is becoming increasingly harder for teachers, as special interests groups are pushing different agendas and social stances in the classroom. Children are coming from diverse family make-ups, and children should not be condemned, excluded, or made to feel their family is unacceptable under any circumstance. I will restate, the schoolhouse is no place to indoctrinate children with twisted ideologies and sexuality confuse the young minds with the LGBTQ ideology and parental rights should Trump all others.  School choice with public funds following the child if the problems are not corrected.  Period

So many more problems than three.  We need to protect Iowans from abuses we have seen over the last two years. Loss of civil liberties and the loss of conservative voices….

The right to free speech. Some news medias and Big Tech oligarchs are working to radically censor conservative speech and Christian values. All people, conservative/liberals, should have the right to freedom of speech. As someone has said before, “Censorship is the tool of tyrants, it always leads to oppression and loss of freedom for the populations.” 1 Today’s 90% of main stream media is owned by six companies, (ATT (bought Time Warner), CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp (the parent company of Fox News, and Viacom) and they distribute their agenda across all spectrums. These entities must be broken up, they have grown too large and too powerful and control the message and their propaganda is spread far and wide. They are no longer a free arbiters of truth, a neutral unbiased media, and must be held accountable for the misinformation and disinformation they spread. The American people rely on a the free press to hold our leaders to accountable and investigate abuses in an unbiased manner and report same.

Feel free to explain your ideal tax policy/policies for Iowa (included in this section in order to allow for as much flexibility as possible): 

Repeal of all inheritance taxes, continue to lower income tax down as Gov. Reynolds has proposed and passed.  Recently I attended a city council and I heard the council grant business funds for roofing projects, windows and the like.  One citizen later met with me and the felt it was inappropriate to collect resident taxes and then pick winners and losers and dispense monies to business.  He felt the money should go back to the citizens as a rebate.  I have been blessed with a good job and good pay for many years.  I have been on the top of the tax brackets in Iowa state income tax.  Citizens are being over taxed and then not represented well in DC or at the state level.  We need to focus on fiscal responsibility and eliminate pork spending.  All these bail outs are not needed.  The funds going into Green new deal, green energy plan is reckless spending.  Carbon Pipelines subsidies, windmill subsidies etc must be lowered and eliminated.  If they are a good deal, they will produce funds.  We need a flat tax that everyone pays equally.  The rich pay for more than their fair share and beyond.  So much more to learn but if we control the wild spending and stimulate business opportunities we can lower taxes.  We can’t taxes business heavily without stifling growth.

Have you or will you sign The Big Family Pledge:  Signed!


Do you believe the government should force consumers to buy a product:

Absolutely not, ie Obamacare…. Unconstitutional

Do you believe the government should force retailers to sell a product:

Absolutely not, we need absolute freedom in the marketplace. 

Do you support reforming or eliminating Iowa’s Certificate of Need laws:

Absolutely not, The want to grow the bureaucracy so they can control the people.

Do you support periodic reviews of all government licenses and boards to ensure they’re necessary:

The people are over-regulated and we must loosen the chains that bind them.  Licenses requirements for everything is just madness.  I realize they are needed in some areas to keep consumers protected and insurance companies requirement must be followed but we must examine where we should just allow Iowans to make a living without the bureaucracy dictating all.


Do you support the Protect Life Amendment to the Iowa Constitution:

Absolutely.  I believe Roe v Wade will be overturn and Iowa Legislature must be ready to act now.  Follow states like Oklahoma and Texas and lead from the front and push for the most stringent pro-life bills possible.  While the left moves further left to infanticide, we must move to uphold the sanctity of life.  All Life.

When do you believe life begins and at what stage does it deserve protections under the law:

The right to life for all who are conceived from the point of conception. While a forming human being is a fetus by definition, he or she is a creation of God from the initial point of conception.


Would you support universal Education Savings Accounts for Iowa families:

Absolutely,  My children went to Timothy Christian School because bake then I didn’t trust the school system and yet now it’s even worst.  We have many school districts that are doing the right thing but many disregard HF802 and teach CRT and 1619 Project and have hidden agendas to talk about sexuality and the like.  Families need choice and public monies must follow the child.

Do you believe obscene materials and pornographic materials belong in public school libraries:

NO,  a resounding NO.

In what grade should schools begin providing instruction to students on sexual orientation and gender identity:

Never,  that should be left for the HOME  Period.

Would you support a bathroom bill in Iowa, that states biological males use the boys’ bathroom and biological females use the girls’ bathroom:

Yes.  That should be included in the Iowa code.  Gender Identity should be removed from civil code.


Should gender identity be stripped out of the Iowa Civil Rights code:

Yes.  That should be included in the Iowa code.  Gender Identity should be removed from civil code

Should Iowa make it illegal for minors to undergo sex-change surgery and treatments:

Yes, those under 18 can’t sign a legally binding contract, can’t partake in many things, voting, enlisting, getting a tattoo, etc.

Should Iowa schools/teachers ask students for preferred pronouns:

NO,  God made man and woman, it’s in your DNA…. Your pronouns are already defined and this also be codified.

Should Iowa require schools/teachers to share a child’s “preferred pronoun” and/or “gender identity” with the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s):

I know this issue is in the Linn-Mar school district and what a radical idea that they believed there wouldn’t be push back.  Parental rights must be observed and parents must be notified when this dialogue starts in schools.  These conversations must not be occurring in school at all. 

Do you support banning conversion therapy (making it illegal for a parent to take a child to a health care professional to talk about confusion as it relates to sexual orientation or gender identity)?

The child should decide and not at the will of the parent.  A child cannot make an informed choice at a young age with minimal knowledge about the issues.  Their brain is not fully develop and given time the child may have a change of heart.  The progressive left goes in there and wants to cause the confusion in the child and their identity.  We must protect them and their life choices.  Many have gone through transitions only to regret them later in life.  We must protect children.


Do you believe any institution – whether private or governmental – should be able to mandate a vaccination?

Absolutely NOT.  No one should be coerced to get the vaccine or any other medical procedure in order to keep or attain a job. Period

How could the Iowa legislature have handled the COVID pandemic differently?

Come out ahead of the mandates and protect the people of Iowa.  Many received the jabs out of fear.  Our obligation was to protect the medical communities and other business that quickly mandated the vaccine.  Gov Reynolds should have spoken out early.  The jabs are emergency use order and have not been adequately vetted, studies, peered reviewed etc. Iowa dropped the ball.

Do you believe Iowa should reform the Governor’s emergency powers?

YES,  examine and replace.  Take out all reference to infringements on the second amendment and closing business and churches should never happen again!


Are there any issues of disagreement you have with the Republican Party of Iowa platform from 2018? 

I am on the central committee for Hardin County and attended the District Convention in Independence Iowa as a delegate.  This 2018 platform seems to be stronger than our present platform.  God Bless the folks the wrote this platform.  Too much government overreach in our lives.

What improvements, if any, would you make to Iowa’s voting laws to ensure elections are fair and full of integrity? 

We need to confirm that the machines being used to count the ballots in Iowa have NO backdoor for internet access, no modems and the process is transparent.  Many have lost faith in machines and rather get rid of them all.  A local county auditor assured me that the process is sound and fair and completely prevents fraud.  Many folks have lost faith in the process.  I do trust our local counties but do not trust the urban counties and the hackers that can change the outcome of elections.  In order to gain that trust, we should audit the last election in the larger counties and see what actually occurred. 

Iowa House District 54:

Nazario’s website:


Joshua Meggers, the other Republican seeking the nomination, has not yet responded.

Author: Jacob Hall

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