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Republican congressional candidate Bret Richards is sounding the call to protect unborn life, secure the border, and defend the Second Amendment after a strong performance in the first Fourth District Republican debate.

The debate, hosted by the Crawford County Republican Women, Crawford County Republican Party, and KDSN radio on Sunday night, was held via video conference and broadcast live on YouTube and KDSN radio.  J.C. Van Ginkel, co-owner of KDSN, served as moderator.  Richards, one of two candidates to have committed to every proposed debate, opened the night by turning the table and asking listeners a question.

“Who solves more problems, you and your neighbors or politicians,” Richards asked.  “I could sit down with any of my neighbors and solve more problems in twenty minutes than politicians have in twenty years.  It’s time we change Washington before it changes us.”

Richards, a strong opponent of executive overreach, reminded listeners that just because “a benevolent governor is great right now” does not mean future governors would so carefully consider our rights and liberties.  The only candidate in the race committed to lead by example and term limit himself, Richards added that if Republicans had total control of Washington for a day, they should “pass term limits” to clean house of “all those lifetime people who prevent us from passing pro-life legislation or balanced budgets.”

Richards, who returned to his hometown of Irwin in Shelby County after his time as a soldier in the Army, ran a family business of convenience stores. A Creighton University professor, he also serves as board chair of a regional hospital. In February, Richards submitted the most signatures of support of any candidate in the Fourth District race.

To learn more, visit and watch the full debate here.