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Elections have consequences. Rigged elections do too. Nobody fears Joe Biden. And keep in mind Iowa is the only state with multiple Republicans in the US House and a Republican Senator (and we have two) where not a single member of the delegation voted against certifying the election. Keep in mind Chuck Grassley said he was looking forward to Joe Biden’s agenda.


Biden voters own what is happening in Ukraine. And so too do Republicans who lacked the courage to vote against certifying a fraudulent election!

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  1. That is absolutely true. They all have blood on their hands. And the bondage of the Ukrainian people in their hands. May just be done. God is not mocked, ever. And they are responsible for the energy prices that are about to skyrocket and hurt the American people.

  2. Iowa’s republican delegation to DC are Timid Politicians, they fear the Des Moines Register more than they fear Iowans…

    “As you can see, not one Republican from Iowa is in that list…  Not. A. One…  Yet, at least one or more from each of our neighboring states, even so-called Blue State Illinois and Minnesota, stood up to be counted against the fraud.  Even VP Mike Pence’s brother, Greg, stood up.  However, one Representative from Iowa, a Demonrat, did stand to protect voters from disenfranchisement.  She stood against seating our “duly elected” Rep. Miller-Meeks as we will see later.

    The key statements put out by each of our 6 elected representation to DC can be found in their respective Audit Survey (Links provided below).  Judge for yourself whether they had the intellectual honesty to see through the Big Lie spun by the Uniparty and Fake News that the election was above board, and whether they had the integrity to uphold their oath to the Constitution in spite of pressure to just accept the results as presented and just move on.

    Personally, I find it ironic that a group of people who like to consider themselves to be “leaders”, where no of them were elected to be leaders, rather were elected represent the will of the voters that sent them to DC.  When I went through Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base, TX, our squadron motto was “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way”  A “leader” who lacks integrity is not a leader and really needs to get out of the way, as they are also unfit to follow.

    Timid souls following conventional wisdom is not a virtue.

    It’s often been said that “integrity” is when you do the right thing when no one is looking?  What about “when everyone is looking at you” and that integrity can and will cost you everything?”


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