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It has been exactly three weeks since Tara Reade called on Joe Biden to release his Senate records from the University of Delaware that have been viewed by the Biden campaign on numerous occasions while unavailable to the American people and the media. In response to Biden’s shady refusal to release the documents, the RNC launched a five-figure digital ad campaign on Tuesday to demand that Biden releases his Delaware documents immediately.

The ad will run on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms in Delaware and Philadelphia to remind Iowans that Joe Biden, the Biden campaign, and the University of Delaware are more concerned about protecting one of the school’s most powerful benefactors over believing women and letting the American people vet these credible allegations.

Bottom Line: Release the documents. Joe Biden himself has said that the allegations deserve to be vetted by the press, and it’s time he gives the University of Delaware express consent to release the documents, which is all it would require for Iowans to have the same liberties as Joe Biden and his campaign


Author: Press Release