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Theresa Greenfield must have been great at playing “follow the leader” when she was a kid.

In her bid for Senate, Greenfield continues to blindly follow her party’s leadership – and right now, they’re telling her to stand by Joe Biden as he faces a sexual assault allegation from Tara Reade.

POLITICO notes that in a recent interview, Greenfield said that Reade got a fair shake, and that she’ll continue to support Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, Greenfield has been too busy hiding from potential Iowa voters for them to even know she stood with Biden in the first place. But what can you expect from a Chuck Schumer puppet – willing only to go on-record with DC papers instead speaking directly with those she wants to represent.

“Democrats like Theresa Greenfield will do whatever it takes to get ahead, and now that means ignoring women like Tara Reade,” said RNC spokesperson Preya Samsundar. “Greenfield only cares about appeasing her party bosses calling the shots in her Senate race – and that means standing with Joe Biden at all costs.”


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