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After violence engulfed cities across America and rioters and looters dishonored the memory of George Floyd, Hollywood elitists, activists and even Obama-Biden-Clinton alums have seized the opportunity to promote an effort to defund the police. In other words, they want to abolish the police amid mass outbreaks of rioting and looting in major cities across the country. This is also in the aftermath of Biden campaign members posting bail for rioters.

Joining the chorus was former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman and Obama-Biden Justice Department spokesman:

Exposing the misguidedness of this agenda, Fox Nation host David Webb noted that “This past weekend in drive-by shootings over 80 Chicagoans shot— predominantly black. Who investigates those cases [without police]?” Webb continued by explaining, “The police are there to protect the community from rioters, from looters, not to protect the looters and the rioters from the community…We need law and order in this country.”

Bill Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, explained that presumed Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden is “off the deep end” in his reform efforts. Meanwhile, President Trump has continued to offer resources to states trying to restore law and order to their cities.

Bottom Line: While Democrats like Joe Biden and Hollywood elitists continue to support lawlessness and destruction, President Trump is promoting law and order to seek justice for George Floyd.


Author: Press Release