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As of Wednesday, all states have begun to reopen or loosen restrictions thanks to President Trump’s unprecedented leadership and support for states across the country throughout the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump and his administration have provided states with a set of guidelines to help them make critical decisions on how and when to reopen and ensure states avoid new outbreaks as they begin to reopen.

President Trump has prepared states, tribes, and territories by providing them with the necessary resources and funding. This includes, in part, $11 billion to help them meet testing goals as well as providing 12,868 ventilators. The Trump Administration also plans to send out 12 million swabs to states this month.

BOTTOM LINE: Thanks to the leadership and direction of President Trump, states across the country as well as state chambers, local economic development leaders, health experts and editorial boards continue to sing high praise for President Trump’s guidance as states across the country begin to reopen. Voters will remember who had their backs every step of the way during this time of crisis.


Author: Press Release