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After working to fight the spread of coronavirus on every front, President Trump has stood up to the World Health Organization (WHO) and announced that he will cut funding to the organization due to their failure to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.


On January 22, the WHO announced that coronavirus did not constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Later, the failed organization parroted Chinese claims that the virus did not spread between humans, despite numerous warnings from doctors to the contrary.


American taxpayers provide between $400 to $500 million to the organization every year—one tenth the amount that China provides. Yet, the WHO made the decision to side with China and vocally oppose the United States’ travel restrictions.  


The lies and deception promoted by the WHO and Chinese government have undoubtedly contributed to the coronavirus becoming more widespread internationally, and here at home.


By revoking U.S. funding from the organization, President Trump seeks to refocus the WHO on fulfilling its core missions of preparedness, response and stakeholder coordination.


Bottom line: President Trump isn’t afraid to stand up to the WHO’s bias towards China to protect Americans and Iowans. President Trump is the leader Iowans need to see us through this pandemic.   


Author: Press Release