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After House Democrats failed to identify any impeachable offense in their efforts to remove President Trump from office, their colleagues in the Senate are feeling the heat as their case for this sham impeachment has collapsed.

Now, the Senate trial is putting the Democrats’ partisan desperation on full display – especially after President Trump’s attorneys dismantled the Democrats’ weak case in merely two hours.

When it comes to impeachment, Democrats don’t care about facts – they are only interested in playing political games at the expense of American voters.

BOTTOM LINE: For three years, Democrats have tried to negate the votes of millions of Americans because they refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election. It’s clear that DC Democrats are blinded by partisanship and want to remove the president from office at all costs – but voters are too smart to fall for this sham impeachment and will re-elect President Trump in November.


Author: Press Release