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I guess Elizabeth Warren can officially change her relationship status with Iowa’s place as FITN to “it’s complicated.”

Just yesterday, we asked about the concerning relationship Elizabeth Warren’s top campaign surrogates and officials had with the state’s “First in the Nation” status and whether Warren and other 2020 Democrats would follow the lead of Julian Castro and Ayanna Pressley in taking this honor away.

Now less than 24 hours after Pressley’s comment to POLITICO became public, Elizabeth Warren has spoken.

At an event on Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Warren leant credibility to Pressley and Castro’s call for the end of Iowa’s status as FITN noting that their concerns “were legitimate.”

Bottom line: If Warren’s hedging her bets just days before the caucus, how long will it take for other 2020 Democrats to jump on board with their newest litmus test? Iowans deserve to know.


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