While 2020 Democrats attempt to reconcile their own plans for eliminating meat consumption while attending the Polk County Democrats’ Steak Fry, the Republican National Committee (RNC) decided to welcome their traveling circus to Des Moines.

The RNC purchased two billboards on Fleur Drive just south of Des Moines Water Works Park to highlight the circus-like atmosphere that 2020 Democrats and their policies bring along with them.

The party also hosted a circus watch party at Gray’s Lake ahead of the Steak Fry so Republican activists could watch the Democrats arrive in circus-like fashion.

While 2020 Democrats clown around at the Steak Fry, Iowans won’t appreciate the hypocrisy associated with their pledges to eliminate Iowa’s robust cattle industry and meat consumption in favor of their radical climate change policy. In case you missed our statement on the 2020 Democrats’ attendance at today’s steak fry:

 “As 2020 Democrats are steered to the Steak Fry to beef up their campaigns, Iowans will be udderly amoosed by the bull that’s being peddled,” said RNC spokesperson Preya Samsundar. “Democrats will become the laughing stock of the Hawkeye State as they field questions about their legendairy decision to cancel meat consumption at a steak fry.”


Author: Press Release