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This is undoubtedly a sad day in the history of the United States of America.

The United States Senate voted to confirm Richard “Rachel” Levine as the assistant health secretary by a 52-48 vote.

Sen. Rand Paul made headlines with his questioning of Richard during a hearing.

Paul noted that genital mutilation has been “nearly universally” condemned. Paul asked Levine if he believes minors are capable of making a decision such as changing one’s sex.

“Transgender medicine is a very complex and nuanced field,” Richard said. “We have robust research and standards of care that have been developed. If I am fortunate enough to be confirmed as the assistant secretary of health I will look forward to working with you and your office and coming to your office and discussing the particulars of the standards of care for transgender medicine.”

Paul asked Richard to be more specific if he supports the government intervening to override the parent’s consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia.

“You have said that you’re willing to accelerate the protocols for street kids,” Paul said. “I’m alarmed that poor kids with no parents who are homeless and distraught, you would just go through this and allow that to happen to a minor.”

Paul talked about a specific story of a girl who was gender-confused and received puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and had her breasts amputated. But this is what she says now:

“I made a brash decision as a teenager as a lot of teenagers do. Trying to find confidence and happiness except now the rest of my life will be negatively affected.”

She said the medicalized gender transitioning was a “very temporary, superficial fix” for a very complex identity issue.

“What I’m alarmed at is that you’re not willing to say absolutely minors should not be making decisions to amputate their breasts or to amputate their genitalia,” Paul said. “For most of our history, we’ve believed that minors don’t have full rights and that parents need to be involved. So, I’m alarmed that you won’t say with certainty that minors should not have the ability to make the decision to take hormones that will affect them for the rest of their life. Will you make a more firm decision on whether or not minors should be involved in these decisions?”

Richard repeated his previous point that transgender medicine is “very complex” and “nuanced.”

“If confirmed to the position of assistant secretary of health I would certainly be pleased to come to your office and talk with you and your staff about the standards of care and the complexity of this field,” Levine said.

Paul said Levine refused to answer if minors should be making such decisions.

“For most of the history of medicine, we wouldn’t let you have a cut sewn up in the ER, but you’re willing to let a minor take things that prevent their puberty and you think they get that back,” he said. “You give a woman testosterone enough that she grows a beard do you think she’s going to go back looking like a woman if you stop the testerone?

“You have permanently changed them. Infertility is another problem. None of these drugs have been approved for this. They’re all being used off-label. I find it ironic that the Left that went nuts over hydroxychloroquine being used possibly for COVID are not alarmed that these hormones are being used off-label. There are no long-term studies. We don’t know what happens to them. We do know that there are dozens and dozens of people who have been through this who regret that this happened. And a permanent change happened to them and if you’ve ever been around children, 14-year-olds can’t make this decision. In the gender dysphoria clinic in England, 10 percent of the kids are between the ages of 3 and 10. We should be outraged that someone is talking to a 3-year-old about changing their sex.”

This person should not be in any position of significant influence of health anywhere in the world, let alone in America.

It is sad and it is startling that we are here at this point in American history. It’s disturbing.

It is heart-breaking that nobody close to Richard is helping him receive the help and health care he needs.

And, worse yet, two Republicans — Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins — joined in the insanity and voted to confirm Levine.

Let’s hope God spares our country the judgement it deserves and we find courageous men and women willing to stop the sexual revolution from devolving even further. And, perhaps, we can begin to work toward restoration and away from perversion.

Author: Jacob Hall