Schilling appears on Tucker Carlson to ‘defend reality,’ stand up against transgender insanity

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Terry Schilling, executive director of American Principles Project, joined Tucker Carlson a couple weeks ago to talk about Joe Biden’s infatuation with transgender policies.

Carlson pointed out that a proposed Democratic platform shows the word “transgender” appears more often than the words “inequality” or “taxes.” Biden, though, supports allowing biological men to compete against biological women in sports.

“So why isn’t the Trump campaign mentioning this,” Carlson asked. “One campaign claims men can get pregnant, which is insane, and the other campaign doesn’t say anything about it.”

Schilling said he isn’t sure why people aren’t hammering home the issue. APP surveyed over 7,000 voters in the top-10 swing states across America. Three-quarters of Americans, including 53 percent of Biden’s own supporters, oppose allowing transgender boys to compete in women’s athletics.

“This is a supermajority,” Schilling said. “First and foremost, as a political activist, I’m very concerned about their lack of willingness to take this issue on. But frankly, as a father, Tucker I’ve got five kids and hopefully my wife will give me four or five more, but my two oldest are girls. And frankly, the idea that these guys are going to allow my daughters, who are both athletes, have their scholarships and their athletic opportunities taken away, it’s incredibly stupid.

“We need to push the Republican Party to run hard on these issues, because there’s no losing this whatsoever.”

Carlson pointed out that the idea that we have to pretend there is no difference between men and women and boys and girls is “totally insane.”

“We’re not letting them do that,” Schilling said. “That’s the whole point of American Principles Project — we’re building the NRA for families. All of these political organizations they organize gun owners and seniors, but no one is there defending the family. We decided to put this campaign together and not ask permission. That’s what we’re doing here.”

Carlson credited the group for “defending reality.”


Author: Jacob Hall