Schilling goes after Miller-Meeks on abortion, says Miller-Meeks is ‘Great Pretender’

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Things in the Second Congressional District Republican primary are heating up as absentee voting begins less than a month from today.

Former Congressman Bobby Schilling released a video that states he

“I think life is tremendously special, that all of us have a purpose for why we’re on earth,” State Sen. Mariannette Miller-Meeks says at the beginning of the video.

Then there is audio of Miller-Meeks being asked about abortion rights.

“You know, from the medical standpoint, between six and 12,” Miller-Meeks says.

The video then says that Miller-Meeks supports aborting babies after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“There is only one Republican candidate in the Second District that will fight for the unborn,” the video says.

“You know I believe as Americans we need to defend life to its fullest,” Schilling says in a video on the floor of Congress. “I believe life begins at conception.”

Schilling, the video states, is the only candidate with a 100 percent rating from National Right to Life.

Miller-Meeks, however, was given the “Great Pretender Award” by Iowa Right to Life in 2008.

Schilling also points out that Miller-Meeks has run for the seat three times and lost all three times.

“So if anybody tells you that I can’t win this congressional district because I ran before and I lost, I’ve never been ashamed of the fact that I lost,” Miller-Meeks says.

This video comes out a couple of weeks after Miller-Meeks released a video going after Schilling.

“While the Miller-Meeks campaign focuses on personal attacks, we will stay focused on an issues-based campaign,” Schilling said. “We are looking forward to defeating her in June. I warned them early on that if they dish it out, they be prepared to have it come back at them harder than they’ve ever seen. I am not your typical Republican that will lay down. Our country is at stake and we must win the seat. This is the first in a series of hard-hitting ads that she is not prepared for. Game on.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall