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In response to breaking news that five western Iowa counties now have more confirmed coronavirus cases than eastern Iowa counties that remain “closed” and requests from the Mayor of Denison for targeted and expanded testing have been denied, J.D. Scholten, candidate for Iowa’s 4th congressional district, released the following statement.

J.D. Scholten said: “We now have confirmation of our fears that prematurely reopening parts of our state was the wrong decision: Crawford, Guthrie, Plymouth, Pottawattamie and Sioux counties have more confirmed COVID-19 cases than counties that remain ‘closed.’ These rural counties are especially vulnerable to this disease because their populations are older, poorer, and sicker, are less likely to be insured, and have fewer medical facilities and healthcare workers.

“This disease will keep spreading and killing unless we take proactive measures. I urge the Governor to again close non-essential establishments like restaurants, fitness centers, and stores in all 99 counties and immediately authorize targeted and expanded testing, especially in these five western counties. Any delay tactics will simply mean more deaths and prolonged pain to our economy. I want Iowa to be open as much as anyone else, but according to health experts, it’s too early, it’s too dangerous, and potentially deadly right now. It’s cheaper for non-essential businesses to remain closed for the time-being rather than accepting the inevitable transmissions of the virus, which would turn short-term economic pain into a long-term economic failure.”

J.D. Scholten’s campaign has been leading in providing COVID-19 information and resources through virtual events, online, and in English and Spanish on their website. In Iowa, there are few, if any, COVID-19 resources in Spanish despite there being 123,829 Iowans who speak the language.


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