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The pressure on the popular music streaming service Spotify is mounting, Jacob. 270 scientists and health professionals just signed a letter to Spotify calling on them to take action to prevent misinformation from being spread on its platform.

Spotify hosts the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where Rogan regularly peddles misinformation about Covid and unproven medical treatments to millions of his listeners. Recently he had a guest on his show peddling false information about vaccines, and even touted a conspiracy theory that the public has been hypnotized by the government. (No, I am not making this up.) The episode was viewed widely on social media, with nearly 25,000 shares.  


The scientists and health professionals point out that by allowing such misinformation to spread, the platform is undermining public trust in scientific research and in the guidance from medical professionals. They are 100% right, Jacob.

And get this – Spotify currently has no clear misinformation policy. Zip. Zilch. Zero. This must change. Spotify must stop hosting Covid misinformation on its platform. Add your name and tell Spotify: Stop permitting COVID disinformation!

Misinformation has harmed our nation’s efforts to beat back the pandemic, costing countless American lives. The social media giants and streaming services like Spotify need to start taking some responsibility for the misinformation being spread on their platforms.

Author: JD Scholten

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  1. Democrats regularly peddled treasonous disinformation about the 45th president while he was in office. Instead of getting deplatformed they got a Special Counsel which uncovered ” Zip. Zilch. Zero. ” collusion with Russians. How about let folks exercise their first amendment and if you don’t like it, don’t listen. Let the public make their own decisions in the marketplace of ideas.

  2. JD, you know you’re losing when you are calling for censorship. Galileo was accused of misinformation by the church until he was proven right.

    The Constitution gives us the right to free speech, including “crazy talk”. Your job is to prove, not claim, Rogan is wrong. If you can, then people will ignore Joe as a crazy talker. If Joe is proven right, then you are the crazy talker.

    So far, the record is looking like you’re not only the crazy talker, you’re also willing to use any means to crush dissent. That makes you tyrannical as well.


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