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Iowa State Sen. Jim Carlin did not hold back Saturday at the Stand With President Trump Rally at the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City, Iowa. Carlin was one of four state legislators to speak at the event, which encouraged concerned citizens to stand with President Trump and reach out to federal representatives to support President Trump.

“This truly is the fight of our generation,” Carlin started.

He added that we have to stop acting like we’re dealing with honest people.

Carlin noted voter fraud is very difficult to prosecute, but asked why Mark Zuckerberg would pay $400 million into the hands of officials who preside over elections. He asked why George Soros spent millions to fund the campaign of county attorneys across the country. He asked why Ilhan Omar was engaged in ballot harvesting in Minnesota. He asked why we’re not requiring voter ID and signature verification. Why deadlines for the acceptance of ballots changed in the last year.

“And the greatest travesty, why we allow mail-in ballots that cannot be verified,” he said. “Why? Why would you get rid of state-mandated signatures? Why? Months before this election, that happened in Pennsylvania.

“Why forbid Republican observers from watching the ballot count? I’ll tell you why, this is planned. This whole thing was planned and orchestrated for months before it ever took place. We have to deal with that reality. We’re dealing with dishonest people who want to control and manipulate, define and shame us into silence and submission at the cost of our constitutional freedom and self-determination.”

Carlin reminded those in attendance that President Trump warned in the debate there would be massive fraud coming.

“Was he right? It sure looks like it,” Carlin said. “The guy never left his house generated three million more votes than Barack Obama in 2008 or any President in history.

“We can’t be naive and foolish enough to believe that this process is not without flaws — that it is not subject to corruption. It obviously, clearly is. They have created and have now institutionalized fraud. And you know what they do? They criminalize us over policy differences.

“We’re called deplorable. We’re called irredeemable by a woman who ignored a federal subpoena for 30,000 emails and bleached her own server. Criminals are calling the innocent criminals.”

Major media platforms use pejorative about “us,” Carlin said. They are marginalized and degraded in every imaginable way by mainstream media, by Hollywood and on social media.

“Why? To silence us,” he said. “To take away our voice. And now, their intimidation has now reached the point where violence is acceptable. Now violence gets a pass from these people. What does this mean to our children? Submit to us or we will hurt you. That’s what we’re giving them. If you want to know where they intend to take our children, look at what they’ve done.”

They control social media and YouTube and media outlets so that they can keep truth from the people.

“These people see truth as a threat,” Carlin said. “They don’t want you to have the truth because truth threatens their power and control over us as a free people. They don’t want it because it limits them.”

Carlin asked attendees to consider a few questions:

“Who wants to limit where and how you can travel under the Green New Deal? You know what that means? They get to define where you go and how you get there.

“Who wants to take away your Second Amendment rights/ Who wants to forbid free speech on college campuses? Who demands more tax dollars from your paychecks and from fixed-income seniors? Who refuses to define a baby as a human being? And you know, somehow, every time you disagree with these people you’re something less than human. And they want to define you. They refuse to acknowledge the boundaries of your self-determination.

“Here’s an ugly truth — whoever defines you is God to you. You want to know what they want to do? They want to be god and it’s time we said to them, who made you god? Who made you god, right? Is that why you took Him out of your national platform? Is that why you cringe at the name and mention of Jesus Christ? Maybe, I think so. Jesus made us to be free and He made us to be individuals.

“Our liberty is under siege and we can’t and should not sit back and passively watch what’s going on. Passivity is acceptance. It’s affirmation of those things we know to be morally wrong. We’ve witnessed its effects on our culture for the last four decades.

“We were given an inheritance of freedom,” Carlin added.

And we are to make sure it is given to our children and grandchildren. Carlin implored those at the rally to urge every congressman, senator, state legislator and governor to stand in unity with President Trump.

“So that we have transparency, so that we have a real election,” he said. “Because if we don’t, we are betraying our children and we are betraying their freedom and the generations to come.

“This is a war. This is an ideological war. Our freedom, our dignity and our humanity is at stake. Ronald Reagan said 40 years ago we must fight, if we do any less, if we don’t meet this responsibility, we’re selling our own children and their freedom into slavery. None of us can live with that, that’s why we’re here.

“So please, whatever you can do, stand up for your boundaries, your dignity and tell your legislators. Get engaged any way you can and if you can’t think of a way ask God and He will give you a way.”

Author: Jacob Hall