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From Sen. Jake Chapman’s legislative newsletter:

Did you know your tax money is being spent to hire lobbyists at the state capitol? Unfortunately, often times their lobbying efforts are counter to what is in the best interest of the taxpayer. Over the last few weeks I have become increasingly concerned with the brazen manner in which these lobbyists have declared their opposition to the taxpayers.

Unlike membership in organizations in which lobbying occurs, when taxpayer money is used to hire a lobbyist, the taxpayer is enslaved to associate with the lobbying efforts. Despite the individual taxpayers desire to disassociate or oppose the position of the lobbyist, they are compelled and thus their own money is used to lobby against their individual viewpoint.

The time has come to end this practice in Iowa. That is why this last week I pushed forward Senate Study Bill 1229 which moves to end taxpayer funded lobbying. I was successful in clearing both the sub committee as well as the full committee this week and the bill now moves to the full Senate for consideration. The bill however was opposed by all Democrats on the committee. I look forward to seeing this bill progress this legislative session.


You can read more about this bill’s journey through committee and subcommittee.