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Republican State Sen. Dan Dawson fired up the audience Monday afternoon in Treynor at the Donald Trump Jr. event. Dawson presented

“As you go around the district and throughout Southwest Iowa, you see a lot of these barn signs or yard signs or flags out in people’s yards,” Dawson said. “And to see what the alternative and what the other side has had to bring forward for their policy solutions, and not just policy solutions but also the way they’re conducting themselves – whether it be burning down their neighbor’s businesses, looting, rioting, and like we saw last week, targeting police officers.

“That sign is not a Trump 2020 sign. Every person here in Southwest Iowa who is putting that sign up, they’re effectively putting an American flag in their yard.”

Dawson said the 2020 election is undoubtedly the most important election of our lifetime – while acknowledging that is said in every election.

“Literally folks, what we see on the news daily and what we’re confronted with in policy solutions which aren’t solutions, they are literally going to unravel our republic – it’s terrifying,” he said. “And every voter here today and all your neighbors out there who are putting this flag or this sign in their yard and giving us affirmation to vote for Donald Trump, you’re not giving a vote to affirm a candidate, you’re affirming our republic. So, thank you for what you’re doing.”

Dawson then acknowledged law enforcement and military members who were at the event.

“Folks, what we’re seeing on the news here the last months, what you see referenced what occurred in Minneapolis, these individuals, they see this every day,” Dawson said. “There is a section of society out there that is targeting law enforcement for what they represent and what they defend.

“What they defend is our way of American life and what they represent is personal accountability. And there’s a section of our population out there that does not want personal accountability. And how do they do that? They target law enforcement.”

Dawson said the military is in the same basket as law enforcement.

“What everyone else sees is what you’ve been dealing with a lot of your lives in your profession, so thank you,” he said.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall