Sen. Ernst says likelihood of Roe being overturned is ‘very minimal,’ Greenfield says it is settled law

Both Sen. Joni Ernst and Theresa Greenfield were afforded an opportunity to discuss their position on life during Monday night’s United States Senate debate. Greenfield did not deny supporting aborting babies at any point during pregnancy and Ernst said she believes the chances of overturning Roe v. Wade are “very minimal.”

The question was what they would do if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“I think every life has value and is worthwhile,” Ernst said. “I don’t believe anyone is to be thrown away. My opponent is backed by extreme abortionists, she doesn’t oppose abortion at any point during a pregnancy.

“I think the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned is very minimal. I don’t see that happening, truly I don’t see that happening. But what we can do is certainly educate the public on how important life is.”

Greenfield acknowledged there are strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

“I believe Roe is settled law,” she said. “I will always defend a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, with the guidance of her doctor.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall