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Typically when you hear the term “deal” you think of a bargain or a good price. But that’s far from the truth when it comes to the so-called Green New Deal. Does $93 trillion sound like a bargain? Democrats think so.

Let’s think about it though…how much is $93,000,000,000,000?

  • It’s over $10 trillion LARGER than the combined GDP of every nation on Earth in 2017.
  • It exceeds, by $10 trillion, the ENTIRE recorded spending of the United States government since the Constitution went into effect in 1789.

Who foots the bill for this monstrous Green New Deal? You, the taxpayer, to the tune of $65,000 annually. That’s more than most households in Iowa make in a year!

So what’s in this “so-called” Green New Deal? Unrealistic and unattainable goals that will bankrupt our country, bring our economy to a screeching halt, and destroy our agriculture industry. From getting rid of planes, trains, and automobiles to replacing EVERY building in the country, this proposal is extremely costly and completely outrageous.

Let’s take their 100% overhaul of transportation systems for example. It might sound fine if you live in places like New York City where you can walk to a deli or grocery store. But in rural communities, like my hometown of Red Oak, Iowa, it can take 30 minutes or more to DRIVE to the nearest Walmart. Everything from combines, to fertilizers, to trucks for transporting grains to market, would be impacted!

Or what about this goal of meeting 100% of the power demand in the U.S. through zero emission energy sources? That’s completely unachievable.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Increasing our reliance on renewables is a good goal, and one I support, but we have to be realistic about our current energy capabilities and needs. Instead of blowing a lot of hot air, Iowa is leading the way with wind power, providing nearly 40% of our electricity, more than any other state.

I’ll tell you what, folks, it’s clear to me that this socialist proposal is a raw deal for your pocket book and a slam to rural America.

That’s why—with a whopping $93 trillion price tag—this month’s Squeal Award goes to the Green New Deal.