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KWWL posted the following, saying it is a response from Sen. Eric Giddens:

“Following a bullying incident involving a gay 7th grade student at Peet Jr. High at the beginning of the current school year, a group of families organized an activity to show support, love, and solidarity for LGBTQ students and the Gay Straight Alliance/Anti-bullying/Tolerance club at Peet.  The expressed intent was that families cannot, and should not, expect our schools to address this problem alone.

With permission from the counselors and administration at Peet Jr. High, the families and student members of the Gay Straight Alliance/Anti-bullying/Tolerance club held a free “doughnut pop-up” event on the morning of September 23 in front the school. The purpose of the event was to welcome all students to school that morning and to show that our families love and support everybody, including LGBTQ students.

Twelve families provided enough doughnuts for every student in the school to have one on their way into school. The atmosphere was festive, with various decorations including sidewalk chalk and LGBTQ flags.  There were LGBTQ stickers for students to take if they wished.

After school had begun Kendra and Eric were cleaning up when, Rob Michael, a Peet parent drove up, got out of his vehicle and approached Eric while he video recorded everything with his phone.  He aggressively asked what was going on and Eric told him that we needed to go into the school and talk to the principal. Kendra introduced herself and what the event was about.  Rob Michael, a Waterloo Police Officer, eventually followed Kendra and Eric into the school and when Principal Bill Boevers was available, Mr. Michael went into the office and Eric left the school.  Kendra stayed until the meeting was over in case Mr. Boevers needed additional information or questions answered.  There were none.

The families that organized and held this event would like to thank Peet Jr. High for working to provide a welcoming and safe environment for all our students.”