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From Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Capitol Hill Report on Nov. 12:

“There’s been a real push by this President to carry out what he said he was going to do in the election — appoint Constitutionalists to the courts. He’s the only President who ever put out names of people he was going to put on the Supreme Court. Both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh were on that list. He’s doing exactly what he promised to do and I think he ought to be applauded for it, both from the standpoint of the philosophy of the judges he’s putting on, that they ought to judge and not be super legislators, and celebrating as we did last week the large number of people that have been put on.

“I don’t know how sweeping I can make this statement, but it’s more in 2 years and 10 months than any other President has put on going back at least to Nixon, maybe further back than that. So he’s got about one-fourth of the circuit judges that are his appointees, and don’t forget, of the appeals at the circuit court level, only about 1 percent get to the Supreme Court. He’s got about the same thing, one-fourth of the Supreme Court, nominated by him. So it’s just fantastic that he’s doing exactly what he promised and that the numbers are greater than any recent President.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall