SEN. GRASSLEY: I want to lower prescription drugs now!

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I want to lower prescription drugs NOW!

I said that at the Finance Committee hearing two weeks ago.


And I say it again: I want to lower prescription drugs NOW!

What are we waiting for?

We have a bipartisan prescription drug package called Wyden-Grassley – that will save seniors $72 billion and taxpayers $95 billion.

Senator Wyden said during the Finance Committee’s most recent drug pricing hearing, “There is no question that the committee came together in the last Congress and came up with a number of constructive bipartisan reforms. Period. Full stop.”

Why aren’t we advancing this bipartisan bill?

What is the majority waiting for?

One of my colleagues on the other side tweeted: “POTUS has the authority to lower drug prices all on his own—and he should use it.”

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is calling for this too.

And then in the Washington Post, I read this headline: “Advocates seek other pathways to lower drug prices.”

Far-left groups are pushing President Biden to bypass Congress and assert executive authority giving up on a legislative path. Why?

It’s not like all options for legislation have been exhausted.

The majority has spent 15 months attempting to pass their partisan prescription drug bill.

It’s gone nowhere. It doesn’t have 60 votes.

But it is not the only option.

Has the Democrat majority given up on lowering prescription drug costs?

Are they saying they have to do it in a way where only Democrats get credit or not at all?

Do Democrats really want to help seniors, or would they rather have the campaign issue?

The longer we wait, patients and taxpayers will continue to suffer.

Let’s work to advance a bipartisan prescription drug bill that can pass with 60+ votes.

We can do it today!

It’s already negotiated and ready to go!

I will work with anyone who wants to pass the bipartisan Wyden-Grassley bill.

Just give me a call.

I continue to meet with Democrats and Republicans to advance Wyden-Grassley.

In the past 15 months, I’ve met or spoken with:

  • President Biden and White House staff
  • Speaker Pelosi
  • Leader McCarthy
  • HHS Secretary Becerra
  • Ten House Democrats who wrote to Speaker Pelosi wanting a bipartisan prescription drug pricing bill
  • Republicans and Democrats from the Problem Solvers Caucus Health Care Working Group
  • Congressman Welch (D-Vt.)
  • Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.)
  • Democrat Senators Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Carper (D-Del.)
  • And other rank-and-file members of Congress

While Democrats talk about lowering drug costs, they haven’t made any progress.

The only bipartisan progress that’s been made on drug pricing has been under Republican leadership.

If Republicans takes control of the Senate next Congress, Republicans will lower prescription drug costs.

But we don’t have to wait a year, let’s lower prescription drug costs TODAY!

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