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Sen. Grassley says Flynn was set up, thinks it was strange Obama mentioned Flynn along with Kim Jong Un

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Sen. Chuck Grassley had a pointed response to a question about Michael Flynn’s situation on Monday during his Capitol Hill Report.

“He was set up and it’s unconstitutional to do that,” Grassley said. “He was more or less railroaded based on the assumption that he thought he was just having a conversation and didn’t realize that he was set up to lie.

“And there were threats that they were going to prosecute his son. And I suppose anybody would do something to protect their son. So, I think he felt he better plead guilty and then realized he wasn’t represented well by his original law firm. He hired Miss Powell and she was a dogged person and he got saved.”

Grassley then highlighted a strange coincidence.

“Going way back to 2016, the President (Obama) was involved of having an interest in this whole investigation of the Trump campaign and then even seeming to have some efforts to get Flynn out after the President was elected. And then, isn’t there something suspicious about the fact that when Trump meets Obama after Trump’s elected, he warns him about two people – Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Flynn. Putting Flynn in the same category of Kim Jong Un. That ought to be a suspicious thing right there. But justice is now done.”

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