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Sen. Charles Grassley hosted his Capitol Hill Report earlier this week. He was asked about the United States Postal Service and mail-in voting. Specifically, he was asked what safeguards are in place to ensure ballots are handled appropriately considering the letter carriers union has endorsed Joe Biden and the president of the union has essentially said the future of the postal service hinges on this election.

In essence, how can a voter be sure that his or her ballot makes it where it needs to go in order to be counted — especially if that voter has a Trump sign in their yard, or an NRA bumper sticker, or just receives a lot of Republican mail?

“If somebody wants to violate the law and not do their job according to it, the only thing we can do is keep reminding them that it’s a felony and you’ll go to jail for doing it,” he said. “Hopefully that threat will make sure that none of that happens, but it’s going to happen someplace.

“I mean, it’s no different than a couple presidential elections ago, we had people with clubs standing out in front of Philadelphia polling places threatening people if they didn’t vote Democrat they would be harmed. That sort of intimidation is against the law and there were charges filed against them, but when a new President came in, and I imagine this was the time Obama came into the presidency, he dropped the charges.

“So we know there’s some fraud like what happened in Patterson, New Jersey. They’re going to have a new election for the city council later this year, a judge ordered it. All you can do is let people know what the consequences are if you have a fraudulent election.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall