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The Iowa Standard joined Sen. Chuck Grassley on Monday for his Capitol Hill Report. We asked Grassley if there would be a process for examining how the World Health Organization handled the COVID-19 pandemic and what that process may look like.

“Well, we know there has to be a World Health Organization. We know that they basically do good,” Grassley said. “The United States puts in 20 percent of the money at about $400 million. China puts in about $40 million.

“All we want to do is make sure it serves as a World Health Organization and not covering up stuff for China. There is all sorts of evidence that they didn’t call it a (pandemic) as soon as they should. There’s evidence that Taiwan was on top of this, and told the World Health Organization about it, that it was spread from human to human, but it was almost Jan. 20 before we heard from China it was human-to-human transmission instead of from animal to human. And all of this should have been reported by the WHO.

“But they even had guts enough in January to say China was totally transparent and China was cooperating and they had everything under control when it was spreading around the world.

“We just want the World Health Organization to be a world organization, not a Chinese organization.”