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United States Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) said that questions raised over the last two presidential elections are putting America on an “unsustainable” path. Johnson had a heated interview with Meet the Press host F. Chuck Todd.

“Two presidential elections in a row, a large portion of the public hasn’t accepted the result,” he said on Facebook in his post of the interview. “This is not a sustainable state of affairs. I support a special commission to investigate and report on allegations of irregularities before the Electoral College vote is certified.

“We have an enormous problem in this country and it’s unsustainable.”

On Meet the Press, Johnson defended his position.

Johnson said the group of senators is not acting to thwart the democratic process.

“We’re acting to protect it,” he said. “We’ve just come off of four years where the other side refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of President Trump and here we are again. What we’re saying is we need transparency.”

The group did not want to object without also offering a solution, he said, so they are pointing to setting up a commission like the one set up in 1877.

Todd accused Johnson, and President Trump, of being arsonists.

Johnson countered that the “fire” was started in 2017 when Democrats were calling for a coup, cheering for rebellion and planning impeachment.

“This was started when the mainstream media dropped any pretense of being unbiased and actually chose sides during this election,” Johnson said. “This fire was started when you completely ignored our investigation of Hunter Biden.”

Johnson highlighted how the press suggested there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Hunter, but pointed out that now there is enough evidence to constitute a “real FBI investigation.”

At that point, Todd attempted to cut off Johnson.

Johnson, though, powered through the interruption.

“It’s the bias of the media that has created a situation where Republicans and conservatives do not trust the mainstream media and that is what has destroyed the credibility of the media and our institutions and really shaken confidence of the election result,” Johnson finished.

After more pushback, Todd asked Johnson who won his home state of Wisconsin.

“Vice President Biden has won by 20,000 votes,” Johnson said. “But there are also issues in Wisconsin.”

During a hearing on election integrity, Johnson revealed three letters written by congressional Democrats to the voting machine manufacturers.

“Now, at that point in time, I didn’t hear Chuck Schumer call it ‘quackery’ or ‘conspiracy theory’ or a ‘ridiculous charade,’ but that’s exactly how he attacked my hearing that I thought was a really good hearing,” Johnson said. “I didn’t criticize Democrats when they were talking about potential hacking of voting machines, but now it’s quackery, now it’s conspiracy theory. That’s the problem, Chuck, there’s a double standard here and we are not being transparent and we are dismissing the concerns of tens of millions of Americans.”

Todd compared Americans who doubt the results of the 2020 Presidential election to those who are 9-11 Truthers or doubt the moon landing.


Author: Jacob Hall