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SF 77: Senate File 77 was filed by Sen. Brad Zaun and Sen. Nate Boulton. It’s an act relating to the regulation of medical cannabidiol by altering the list of debilitating medical conditions and changing the definition of medical cannabidiol under the Medical Cannabidiol Act.

It would remove the requirement that multiple sclerosis be accompanied by severe and persistent muscle spasms, replacing the term “untreatable pain” with “severe or chronic pain.” It would include any medical condition for which a patient’s health care practitioner determines the use of medical cannabidiol could be medically beneficial.

SF 61: Senate File 61 is an act relating to motor vehicle registration fees for disabled veterans. It was proposed by Sen. Dan Dawson.

Current law exempts seriously disabled veterans who have been provided with an automobile or other vehicle by the U.S. government from paying motor vehicle registration fees and applying for a persons with disabilities parking permit. This bill broadens these exemptions to include disabled veterans with a service-related disability rating of 70 percent or higher.

SF 91: Senate File 91 was proposed by Sen. Tom Shipley. It’s an act allowing an atlatl as a legal method of take during deer bow hunting seasons.

SF 27: Senate File 27 was proposed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act relating to the establishment of tenure systems at public postsecondary educational institutions.

This bill directs the state board of regents to prohibit the establishment or continuation of a tenure system at the regents universities for any employee of a regents university, and provides that the provision in the Code which authorizes community college administrations to establish quality faculty planning committees shall not be construed to authorize a community college to establish a tenure system for any employee of the community college.

SSB 1034: Senate Study Bill 1034 was proposed by Sen. Amy Sinclair. It’s an act relating to voluntary diversity plans under the state’s open enrollment law.

SSB 1051: Senate Study Bill 1051 was proposed by College Student Aid Commission. It’s an act relating to eligibility and reporting requirements for the skilled workforce shortage tuition grant program.

SSB 1048: Senate Study Bill 1048 was proposed by the Department of Transportation. It’s an act increasing the maximum allowable length for stinger-steered automobile transporters.

SF 83: Senate File 83 was filed by Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink. It’s an act relating to the gross weight of special trucks.

SF 58: Senate File 58 was proposed by Sen. Tom Shipley. It’s an act allowing certain vans and pickups to be used to transport pupils to activity events or from school to home in emergency situations.

SF 67: Senate File 67 was filed by Sen. Tom Shipley. It’s an act relating to standards for carbon monoxide protection.

SSB 1043: Senate Study Bill 1043 was proposed by Sen. Amy Sinclair. It’s an act that requires school districts and accredited nonpublic schools offer high school students an opportunity to take the U.S. citizenship and immigration services naturalization civics test.

SSB 1013: Senate Study Bill 1013 was proposed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act relating to the calculation of certain court costs in probate matters.

SSB 1037: Senate Study Bill 1037 was filed by Sen. Brad Zaun. It’s an act relating to the practice of massage therapy. The bill makes the practice of massage therapy or the use of titles associated with massage therapists by an unlicensed individual a serious misdemeanor.

SF 63: Senate File 63 was filed by Sen. Dan Dawson. It’s an act relating to assistance animals and service animals in housing and misrepresentation of an animal as a service animal or a service-animal-in-training.


Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall