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Iowa Senate Subcommittee meetings for Wednesday, Feb. 2:

8:30 a.m. – SF 2121 –A bill for an act relating to health insurance coverage for hearing aids for covered persons age eighteen and younger.  Williams – CHBrown Mathis


8:30 a.m. – SF 2103 – A bill for an act relating to the establishment of a cold case investigation unit within the department of public safety.  Taylor, J. – CHJohnson Kinney

10 a.m. – SSB 3050 – A bill for an act relating to mowing on rights-of-way and medians of interstate highways, primary highways, and secondary roads.  Zumbach – CHRagan Shipley

10 a.m. – SSB 3062 – A bill for an act relating to financial reporting by insurance holding company systems.  Williams – CHBisignano Goodwin

10 a.m. – SF 2084 – A bill for an act relating to repair or service estimates for certain older motor vehicles, and making penalties applicable.  Klimesh – CHBrown Lykam

10 a.m. – SF 2111 – A bill for an act relating to a peace officer’s search of garbage placed outside of a person’s residence for waste collection in a publicly accessible area.  Dawson – CHKinney Zaun

10:30 a.m. – SSB 3084 – A bill for an act relating to renewable fuels, including ethanol blended gasoline and biodiesel blended fuel used to power internal combustion engines, by providing for compliance requirements and promotional initiatives that relate to establishing classifications and standards for renewable fuels, advertising and selling renewable fuels, storing and dispensing renewable fuels, using state motor vehicles powered by renewable fuels, and taxes, tax credits, and tax refunds relating to renewable fuels; providing penalties and making penalties applicable; and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.  Zumbach – CHCostello Ragan

10:30 a.m. – SCR 101 – A concurrent resolution urging the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to grant an exception to the classification of cannabis under schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act in Iowa.  Zaun – CHBolkcom Sinclair

10:45 a.m. – SSB 3071 – A bill for an act relating to direct health care agreements, and including effective date and applicability provisions.  Williams – CHGoodwin Petersen

11 a.m. – SF 2127 – A bill for an act relating to commercially owned solar panel field installation on agricultural land.  Zumbach – CHDriscoll Kinney

11 a.m. – SSB 3082 – A bill for an act relating to Iowa tuition grants and the definition of accredited private institutions.  Sinclair – CHKraayenbrink Quirmbach

11 a.m. – SSB 3073 – A bill for an act relating to controlled substances, including amending the controlled substance schedules and information collection and reporting requirements under the Iowa prescription monitoring program, and including effective date provisions.  Zaun – CHBolkcom Rowley

12 p.m. – SSB 3070 – A bill for an act regarding port authorities, including by allowing port authorities to enter into certain loan agreements and lease contracts.  Koelker – CHJohnson Lykam

12 p.m. – SSB 3090 – A bill for an act relating to public school funding by establishing the state percent of growth and the categorical state percent of growth for the budget year beginning July 1, 2022, modifying provisions relating to the regular program state cost per pupil, modifying provisions relating to the property tax replacement payment and the transportation equity payments, and including effective date provisions.  Sinclair – CHCournoyer Quirmbach

12 p.m. – SSB 3076 – A bill for an act relating to the submission of a groundwater hazard statement.  Taylor, J. – CHCelsi Driscoll

12:30 p.m. – SF 2091 – A bill for an act relating to jury service disqualification for certain felons.  Dawson – CHBisignano Johnson

12:30 p.m. – SF 2143 – A bill for an act relating to the carrying, transportation, or possession of firearms on real property comprising a person’s place of employment.  Schultz – CHDickey Dotzler

1 p.m. – SF 2117 – A bill for an act relating to experimental treatments for terminally ill persons, and including effective date provisions.  Edler – CHBolkcom Costello

1:30 p.m. – SSB 3054 – A  bill for an act relating to disclosure of psychological test material.  Taylor, J. – CHBolkcom Reichman

2 p.m. – SSB 3079 – A bill for an act relating to the rights of parents and guardians of students enrolled in school districts.  Sinclair – CHQuirmbach Taylor, J.

2 p.m. – SF 2090 – A bill for an act relating to pretrial bond amounts for certain felonies.  Dawson – CHJohnson Kinney

2 p.m. – SSB 3075 – A bill for an act relating to the confirmation by the senate of certain appointees.  Smith, R. – CHBoulton Cournoyer

2:30 p.m. – SSB 3092 – A bill for an act relating to the prohibition of specific public fund expenditures and the certification of human trafficking prevention training of certain lodging providers, and including effective date provisions.  Kraayenbrink – CHBolkcom Lofgren

3 p.m. – SF 2110 – A bill for an act relating to acreage limitations for the production of hemp, and including effective date provisions.  Shipley – CHGreen Kinney

3 p.m. – SF 2153 – A bill for an act authorizing a local emergency management commission to assume the duties of a joint 911 service board.  Klimesh – CHLofgren Taylor, T.

3:30 p.m. – SF 2082 – A bill for an act prohibiting negative option billing practices in subscription contracts and including applicability provisions.  Klimesh – CHBisignano Brown

3:30 p.m. – SF 2135 – A bill for an act providing that a licensed veterinarian is immune from administrative, civil, or criminal liability in investigations or proceedings involving the mistreatment of animals.  Shipley – CHKinney Rowley

4 p.m. – SF 2137 – A bill for an act relating to terms used in the context of land surveying.  Brown – CHGiddens Johnson

4 p.m. – SSB 3080 – A bill for an act relating to education, including establishing a student first scholarship program and a student first enrollment supplement fund, requiring the boards of directors of school districts to publish certain specified information, modifying provisions related to required social studies instruction, open enrollment, teacher librarian endorsements, competent private instruction, and special education, making appropriations, providing penalties, and including effective date, applicability, and retroactive applicability provisions.  Sinclair – CHCelsi Rozenboom

5 p.m. – SF 2106 – A bill for an act relating to landlords and tenants, including rental property utilities, the definition of rent, and forcible entry and detainer actions.  Brown – CHBisignano Sinclair

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