The Iowa Senate is scheduled to hold three subcommittee hearings on bills Thursday prior to the completion of the first week of the 2020 legislative session.

11 a.m. – Senate File 51

Senate File 51 is an act relating to lighted lamps on bicycles and bicycle riders. It is sponsored by Sen. Zach Whiting.

Current law requires a bicycle to have a front lighted lamp and either a rear lighted lamp or a rear reflector at any time from sunset to sunrise, and other times when conditions provide insufficient lighting.

This bill would require every bicycle or bicycle rider to have a front and rear lighted lamp during the stated periods of time. Violation of the law would result in a $25 fine, though there will be a 72-hour period to replace or repair the lamp. If the person complies, the citation will be expunged.

11:30 a.m. – Senate File 2002

Senate File 2002 is an act relating to regional representation and residency requirements for members of the state transportation commission. It was sponsored by Sen. Mark Lofgren.

The bill requires that for each of the seven regions of the state, one member of the state transportation commission must be appointed to represent, and must reside in, each region.

11:30 a.m. – Senate Joint Resolution 21

Senate Joint Resolution 21 was proposed by the State Government committee. It is a resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Iowa that the Constitution does not secure or protect a right to or require the funding of abortion.

Known as the abortion neutrality amendment, supporters say it will help eliminate a previous decision by the Iowa Supreme Court that Iowa’s Constitution provides a fundamental right to an abortion.

A proposed constitutional amendment must pass two general assemblies before being voted on by the people of Iowa.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall