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Liberty Counsel founder and chairman, Mat Staver, is warning that the United States Senate is scheduled to vote on a “sickening” bill that will “normalize child-bride, same-sex and pedophiliac marriages” in every state on Monday.

The plan is for several amendments to be debated, and then the Senate will need 60 votes to proceed.

“We can stop HR 8404 if we let the Senate hear from us NOW,” Staver wrote.

Staver shared the story of “Esther.” Alfred Kinsey paid her father and grandpa to rape and molest her as a child. Kinsey documented the abuse in his books and celebrated the child rape as “normal” human sexual behavior.

Kinsey documented repeated rapes of children to normalize pedophilia and sexual perversion. His work launched what Staver calls the “perverse sexual revolution.”

“His work was used to justify ‘sex ed’ in schools and even to teach kindergartners about masturbation,” Staver wrote. “Now Kinsey’s work is being used to destroy marriage, replacing that honorable estate with perversion and child sexual abuse — just as Kinsey intended.”

Staver said HR 8404 — the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act — is “built” on the foundation of Kinsey.

Esther was seven years old when her father began “illicit sexual experimentation” on her. He’d perform different acts with her, time her physical reaction with a stopwatch and visually record the entire process to send to Kinsey.

Her grandfather began abusing her as well. Esther said she witnessed both individuals receive a $6,000 check from Kinsey.

“My father was proud to be one of the so-called researchers for this book while he was using me as his sex slave to do the so-called research,” Esther said. “The childhood sexual incest committed against me, that Kinsey hired my father to do, severely affected me and later also my husband, and has caused us both great pain during our marriage.”

The Kinsey Institute never provided disclosure of the “research” records compiled during this time, but Table 34 in Kinsey’s 1948 book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,” lists the number of orgasms of children — some as young as five months or 11 months old. Other lines in the table list the physical reactions of these children being abused for a 24-hour period.

“Kinsey was a criminal,” the email said. “He should have gone to prison. Table 34 itself is sufficient to prove that point. But Kinsey escaped justice because he had funding from well-connected sources.”

The Rockefeller Foundation became the primary financial backer of his research, according to the Philanthropy News Digest.

Dr. Judith Reisman documented the abuse of more than 300 infants and kids in Kinsey’s sick research. The abuse went down to children as young as two months old and up to 15 years old. Reisman asks:

“How did they get the record of 26 orgasms in 24 hours for a 4-year-old?”

“This disclosure is incredibly repulsive,” Staver wrote. “Sickening, really.”

In 1953, Kinsey’s second book — “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” came out. And, in the same year, the “Model Penal Code” lowered the age of consent based on Kinsey’s work.

“Then the penalties for rape were also lowered,” Staver wrote. “Why? Because Kinsey found no harm in any form of sexual behavior. On the contrary, he said any suppression or moral code regarding sexual behavior was harmful. Kinsey’s ultimate goal: Remove any moral code from sexual behavior, and in so doing, destroy marriage and undermine belief in God.”

Staver said children have “always been under demonic attack” because they represent a new generation.

“But this evil attack is being unmasked under the ‘Respect for Marriage’ bill like never before,” Staver wrote. “It will put a target on children in at-risk families to be groomed for abuse and makes this molestation legal — if done within the confines of ‘marriage.’

“This bill will open a massive loophole to legalize this level of abuse and bring it out into the open. The state or territory with the worst marriage laws (like California, with no age limit) will be able to export its perversion nationwide. This level of debauchery has always been the goal.”

Sen. Joni Ernst voted for this bill in the Senate. Representatives Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks voted for it in the House. Representative-elect Zach Nunn said he would support it as well.

Iowans are encouraged to contact Sen. Ernst’s offices:

Cedar Rapids: 319-365-4504

Council Bluffs: 712-352-1167

Davenport: 563-322-0677

Des Moines: 515-284-4574

Sioux City: 712-252-1550

Washington D.C.: 202-224-3254


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