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Iowa’s junior senator Joni Ernst is one of what can be called the “Twisted Twelve” – Republican senators who voted with Democrats to pass the same-sex-marriage-countenancing Respect For Marriage Act.

The union of man and woman has throughout world history been the solid standard. And it is the reliable building block upon which stable societies exist and prosper.

Wikipedia cites the Pew Research Center in noting that 19% of US marriages in 2019 were interracial ones. I am in an interracial marriage, and resent being classed with oddball assemblages.

Interracial unions were ruled to be constitutionally protected by the Supreme Court’s 1967 Loving vs. Virginia decision. Such marriages enjoy protection under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection and due process clauses.

The Obergefell decision also cited the 14th Amendment. Wrongly, in my view. It did dirt to legitimate man-woman interracial loves.

It is to be hoped that the Trump-impacted Court will revisit Obergefell.

In 2021,  Gallup found 94% approval of interracial marriages. Popular sentiment should not dictate individual choices like marriage. But this attitude is noteworthy.

There are today no serious efforts to restrict interracial marriages, nor can such be reasonably envisioned.

It is deceitful to seek to establish legitimacy for homosexual “marriages” by linking them with interracial ones — the time-honored unions of man and woman. I call that ‘surfboarding to unwarranted status atop others’ struggle.’

For me, as well, there is a religious component to opposition to homosexuality. My church, the Catholic one, teaches in its catechism (2357) that homosexual acts are “intrinsically disordered.”

“They are contrary to the natural law,” the catechism continues. “They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuinely affective and sexual complimentarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

No such admonitions are made regarding interracial acts; indeed, racial justice is a Catholic Church value.

The language in the Iowa Republican Party platform is unambiguous, as observed by The Iowa Standard.

“Liberty Section, number 13. We believe that traditional, two-parent (one male (XY) and one female (XX)), marriage-based families are the foundation of a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman.”

As The Iowa Standard further notes, Ernst voted in support of the “(Dis)Respect For Marriage Act” no fewer than three times. (Twice for cloture, and then for the legislation.)

Each of those votes was a slap at the Iowa Republican Party platform and bible-believing Iowans.

“Shut up, hick, peasant Iowans,” the Standard wrote Ernst essentially said with her votes. “You’re backward. You’re on the wrong side of history. Quit being bigots, homophobes.”

Iowa Representatives Ashley Hinson and Marionette Miller-Meeks also voted for homosexual “marriages” and stood against the Iowa Republican Party platform. They, too, merit vigorous criticism on this substantive point.

Ernst was in November unanimously censured by the Mahaska County, Iowa GOP Central Committee.

“There is nothing more foundational to our society than marriage instituted by God between one man and one woman,” stated the Mahaska committee. “Senator Ernst directly opposes the expressed will of God and of her constituents and is hereby censured for her vote.”

Ernst was also censured by the Pocahontas County GOP. In all, seven county GOP central committees have censured Ernst.

Like Hinson and Miller-Meeks, Ernst went against not only the state platform but the citizens she represents and who elected her to office. Including me.

Their shameful votes may play well at Washington woke cocktail parties, but they do not accurately represent the good people of Iowa.

Nor can interracial unions legitimately be linked to homosexual ones. The former should not be thought vulnerable by association with the faulty latter.

Author: DC Larson


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